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Aion 6.0 Chanter changes


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All these are based on my analysis of powerbook and mouselclic. Does not include new skills

Protection/Protective Ward: 
Duration increased to 12s
Cd reduced to 1 min
On level 80 the skill provides 500 stumble resist, 300 silence resist. 750 magic defense and healing boost increase by 500.

Block Curtain:
Cd reduced to 3 min.
On level 75 the skill provides 50%damage reduction for 10s till 20k damage is absorbed. Heals by 1382 every 3s and provides 500 stumble resist, 300 silence resist. 750 magic defense, healing received  increase by 20%.

Blessing of Wind:
Duration increased to 1 min. Now provides added 12% physical attack.

Word of Quickness:
Cd reduced to 3 min.

Perfect Shield:
On level 77 it provides 3 parries and increases magical defense by  350.

Chained Crush:
On level 76 the skill becomes repeat activation 2 times, with a cd of 8s.

Word of Life:
Increased healing. On level 62 provides 1422 healing every 2s.

Resonant Strike:
Is a 2x chain now (like chained crush).

Leaping Flash:
Is a cast skill now.

Invincibility Mantra:
Increases Physical attack by 3% and physical defense by 251.

Word of Instigation:
Increases Physical attack by 6%, accuracy by 450 and magic attack by 300

Word of Inspiration:
Increases Physical attack by 4%, accuracy by 700 and magic attack by 130.

Winter Circle:
Increase cost to 4k DP.
Now increases physical attack by 30%, healing boost by 500 and increases movement speed, attack speed by 20% for 30s.

Shield Mantra:
Increases block, parry by 452, physical defense by ,201 evasion by 401.

Celerity Manta/Revival Mantra:
Effects incorporated into single mantra.

Removed Skills:  Word of revival, Flight Mantra, Hit Mantra, Tremor, Rage Spell, Ascension Spell.

I sure as hell hope they buff crit and attack on staff to make up for loss of RS and AS. Please inform me if I missed anything.

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