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Housing got so much potential don't waste it


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Before you said Korea's decision I would like to point out many things like luna system and prestige system are not in Korea version of Aion.

So yep I believed NCwest can do something ok let's start

-Add stigma guestbloom : the reason why nobody doing housing anymore beside soul sickness because it's not worth doing anything or farm anything if we add stigma guestbloom it will lead people to to visit their house and farming more.

-Add no sickness scroll guestbloom : so people won't have to buy mansion and estate to get this effect.

-Add untradeable supplement/omega/tempering guesblooms : I know this get remove in 6.0 but meanwhile why not add them ? you can change it into pve/pvp enchantment stones later

-Remove CD of guestbloom : it's not fun to wait 3 mins to use guestbloom again remove the CD.

-Add training dummy that gives exp : we already have luna that gives free exp daily so why not add it in house.

-Furniture set  buff effects : You need to put a requirement of a furniture set to get special buff such as pve dmg 5% you need 1 Table 2 Chairs 1 Windows 1 Bed 2 Cabinets 1 Rug it make you want to decorate your house for set effects.

-Add guest petals vendor that selling all furniture from crafting : since all crafts got removed from 6.0 this is a good idea to add them.

-Add mannequins of yourself with your own choice of clothing display in the house : some people want to turn their house into fashion show so let them.You can give emotes to mannequins by capture emotes you do with your characters.

Well I can think for now.

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