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Secrets of the Ancients Event suggestion(s)

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After a week of this event i ran into a problem with boxes and keys: My Char1 has 5 blue boxes and some red and green keys... my Char2 has 7 blue keys and some red and green boxes... Could the Boxes or Keys be tradeable? at this time I could open like 10 more if 1 of them were tradeable.

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Or to make it more "fair" since the fact they are untradeable serves the purpose of... being lucky or unlucky, give us the ability to turn two keys of a specific colour into a key of another colour, this way we are losing two keys and we take one key back so the loss is one key BUT at least we are are not losing both of them rendered useless.


At some point I had 1 blue puzzle box, 1 red puzzle boxes and 17 green keys

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