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Sky Island NPC Mobs Always Show


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For the passed 2 weeks, every time I have entered Sky Island, the waves of mobs spawn.

  1. When we enter Sky Island there is one (1) NPC mob.
  2. Wait for a full ally then kill that mob.
  3. Waves of mobs will spawn. (Mark and focus on Mage type mobs - E Form Fire.)
  4. Boss will spawn after 2 or 3 waves of mobs, then kill boss.

At least that is how I thought it should go; instead,

  1. The wave of mobs spawn every time.
  2. The one (1) NPC mob is still alive and no one agro'd it.
  3. The wave of mobs kill us in 10 seconds, but we can still finish Sky Island if,
  4. We rez and re-enter through the portal, over and over again.
  5. The wave of mobs just fade out. We do not have to kill them.
  6. The boss will spawn.
  7. When the boss spawns, do NOT leave Sky Island. Stay inside.

Can someone from the Aion Team verify that "Mobs always spawn before that one (1) NPC is killed" is a glitch? It has happened every time for over 2 weeks, I am thinking it is not a glitch anymore. Sky Island has changed.

Funny Story:

We rez'd and re-entered Sky Island over and over again. The wave of mobs faded out and we killed the boss. That one (1) NPC mob was still there and still alive. After we were done looting the boss, we killed that one (1) NPC. and here's the funny part....

A wave of NPC mobs spawned and killed us all. Ha! Ha! Ha!.

We triggered the "start" after we had killed and looted the boss.

I asked in chat, "Do you think we will get a second boss?" Everyone answered, "No," so we just left. All good. Boss was already dead.



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