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In retaliation of Tia Eye NPC and rewards canceled my Subscription


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I pay the subscription not because I need it, for what I get with the subscription it almost equates to nothing. The daily rewards are just pure junk and the monthly rewards are the same NSCOFT have not updated it for the current content. So why do I pay for it each month? Because I wanted to support this game in some ways.

I play in a different time zone so when I play I am already at a disadvantage it will be almost impossible for me to upgrade my ap with as it current stands. I have a life and need to work so my game time is limited I believe a lot of people are with me in this. You gave us a way with this event to sort of get my gear upgraded and at the same time you have now totally destroyed it at the same time. There is no point of me playing when a cleric can 2 shot me in pvp honestly what's so fun in that.

I don't mind spending some money to help me catch up a bit so I don't die as fast after all it is the entrainment factor I am paying for. Even with this event people like me will still need to buy from Black cloud market place as we don't have time to farm none stop. Very few people can allocate 40+ hours to upgrade 1 piece of ap gear, those that can would have already got the ungraded gear already.

Oh well I stopped supporting as of today, really disappointed how this whole thing has been handled.

I know NCSOFT or NCWEST don't care but hey at least I got it off my chest.

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