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Trails of eternity

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There are  only korean video's about that instance. Aniway its not  hard learn that instance, with a few runs you will get used to it easly,

i'll try to explain as clear as possible what i learned about ToE so far, even if my english quite sucks:


There are 4 rooms before the 1 boss, in each room there is a book you have to find.when you enter in a room rocks  will  gradualy  start falling dealing AOE dmg to mobs and players ,you have a limited time to get that book before the whole place is  under those falling rocks .Even if you fail to collect books in time, with Templar/SM bodyguard   or lot of shields and pacience, you can still be able to loot  books in the 1,2 and 3 room .

1° Room Blue book : There are platform's with mobs in the center of the room and blue books on the ground, you have to loot as many books you can until you find the real one. (At the end of the room you will find a lybrarian ,it gives just good exp)

2° Room Red book : in that room there are 2 mobs, one on the right and one on the left,you have to kill both  at the same time , so you can loot the big book in the room (if you fail to do that in time, rocks will kill them for you, and with a templar/sm bg you can loot that big book)

3° Room Yellow book: Same as the 1 room. books on the ground, mobs around. just loot books until you find the  real one

4 ° Room Black book: There are 4 mobs near a blue door, each mob has a ticket. kill them to be able to loot a ticket for a total of 4x tickets(every dps should loot 1 ticket each one), once you have a ticket you can use the blue door and go where the mob that has the black book is hiding , you have a few seconds to kill that mob before he escape throught a portal, (you can use cc on him) if you fail to do that in time, you wont be able to get the black book

Boss Room: Easiest boss in the game i guess. he does almost no damage. the problem is that he get healed from 4 books that are located in each corner of that room, By placing each book you collected before,  in the right corner, you can reduce the heals he recive. Blue book+Red book+Yellow book+Black book, if you have all of them he will not get any heal.



When you kill the 1 boss 2 door's will open, in one of them you will find lybrarians and a book to complete a quest, when you step in that room lybrarians will start running, you have to kill them as fast as possible if you wanna get some exp, (that room is not important at all, you can even just ignore that room and go to the boss room)

2° Boss:

You have 5 minutes to kill that boss , like boss in AOE before the last patch,  boss in here will get a buff that will greatly increase theyr  damage.

Before aggro that boss be sure that everyone is in the platform, if someone is out from that platform he cant join in the boss fight.

During the boss fight obelisk's will spawn in each corner  of the room, one by one, that will give  a buff to the boss, (Boost defense/increase attack speed/Reflect magic damage/reflect phis damage)

Those obelisk can have a Magic of phis reflect, i dont think there's need to explain how to deal with them  :') 

Around 50 % the boss will start casting a skill named "start of a dream" i dont remember if that's the correct skill name, but if you see a skill with the word "dream" well, that's it.           That skill will sleep everyone, and after that skill he will cast another skill that deal's around 20 k dmg to whoever is sleeping. to avoid that, when he cast "start of a dream" jump in the Blue Spots you see on the ground, (that Blue spot's will spawn after he cast "unstable fissure")  The damage you take from that blue thing will wake you up, and you will get 2-3 k dmg from the next skill instead of 20k.



2 Elyos on the center of the platform, 1 templar that get 1 damage from your attacks, and a mage. 

The mage cast a skill which silence the target and nearby group members (can be removed by using greater healing potions) the name of that skill contains "blizzard" dont remember the whole skill name.

At some point of the fight, you will see a skill "flame circles"  which will spawn lava from the ground. If you stay on the lava it will give you a 20 seconds debuff, if you bring the elyos templar on that lava, he will get that debuff too, when he get that debuff you can start attack him and dealing some damage.After that debuff and lava are gone you will start dealing 1 damage again to the templar. Basicaly, you have to focus the mage until flame circles, then you start dealing damage to the templar, when flame circles are gone, back to the mage, ( you have around 5 minutes before they get the buff that increase theyr damage, when they get that buff, they wont cast any skill, they will just auto attack, i reccomend to kill the mage first and just kite the templar, just keep in mind that "flame circles" is not gonna help you anymore, so the templar get 1 damage, unless you use dots on him )




After you kill the 2 elyos bosses, mobs will start spawn, you have to kill them all, when you killed them, the last boss will spawn on that platform. This is not realy an hard boss, it just require realy high dps ( i think you have 10 min to kill the boss)That boss has a buff "immortality" when he goes under 10% hp he will regenerate 30% hp, but there's a way to remove it ofc, i'll try explain the most important things about that boss:

All group member except the cleric should stay at 0 m from the boss , the cleric should be on the right side ,on the edge of the platform, as much away from the other's as possible.

The boss will  cast a skill that pull's every group member at 0 M, After that skill the boss cast 1 attack, after that attack he will cast  Dark Myst, same as kroban, its a fear, cleric can dispell that.that's why he has to stay away from the group

On the right-top side of your screen  during the whole fight you will see a bar "nether world magic" , when that bar reach 100% the boss will deal Huge aoe damage to everyone in the platform, around 20k or more, you probaly can dodge that by jumping on some platform's , but if you do that you lose precious time to dps. if your group is geared you can just take the damage.


During the boss fight adds will spawn, they looks like  a plants, and mostly will attack your cleric, ignore them until a big add spawn, usualy it spawn on the edge of the platform,You need to kill that add, when you kill it, you can click on it and go inside the boss. there you will find the hearth of the boss, if you kill it you should be able to remove the immortality buff, only 1 dps is requried to do that, ( who is inside killing that hearth,  will get damage over time) who ever killed that earth, will be probaly stuck at this point inside the boss, and you have 2 options.

1: kill another big add to open a way out for that poor guy, (not sure if  itwork, havent tested it yet)

2:let him die ,(he can ress back  , use teleport and come back to the boss) i reccomend that option


Hope that can be usefull . GL

(In my opinion that instance its not worth the time and effort, drop from bosses is quite bad. unless you need   to  farm minion's)




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