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PvE stigma planning for 6.0 or 6.2


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Hi before we started all information here based on my guess nothing is confirmed or proven yet although some is true so don't use any information provided by me as facts.

I just bored and try to planning stigma for all classes here's my list


Gladiator -  I'm not planning to use dual wield at all I'm planning to go fully spear because AoE that giving back HP and MP just too helpful less stressing,alright wind lace vision seems upgraded and now cast time but still I think AoE EW is better for clearing mobs plus draining sword just too good to ignored now with 2x hit and hp 100%.I dropped out sure strike because it deals less damage now and main skills cd are now shorter 5 seconds.So I think I'll never run out of skills even I'm spamming


Templar - The reason I pick punishing trust even it nerfed instead of punishment(now repeatable 2x) because I don't plan to use a greatsword.I believed in 6.0 physical damage work like magic boost in 5.8 so I'll use sword/shield instead but the main reason I want to use sword/shield is because shield skill that absorb hp is too just good to ignore.Templar always lacking of recovery hp skills.I prefer survival more than do best damage.


Chanter - I just choose soul lock instead of leaping flash because SL has no cast time and it has same cd.I'd rather have word of life in situation oh shit moment so I have back up heal next from AoE recovery spell.The rest just like 5.8 counterpart.


Cleric - nothing change from 5.8 counterpart


Assassin - nothing change from 5.8 counterpart


Ranger - same as 5.8 too

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SM - Spirit's Empowered got greatly buff you can spam it without down time now,IB got 1 mins cd with 30 duration.


Sorc - I dropped boon of quickness for AT because BoQ got 15 seconds duration while vaziel got 20 seconds plus AT got cd lower so why not ?


SW - Even I know we got AoE mp skill every 8 sec but still that skill animation is slow and could result the lost of dps I still recommended AoE stigma mp heal.


Gunner - Still same as 5.8 even Missile got upgraded I still think too long cd too much charge time.


AT - Steel Strom got upgraded damage greatly this is why I put it in.

Done thank you for reading :)

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