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Templar gear socketing/stats

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Firstly, if someone has asked this before and it's still relevant, could someone please link the post.

I wanted to know what to socket in pve gear and pvp gear for a templar.

What manastones and level and stats to be aiming for to be able to be useful in instances/pvping.

If it helps, I have Primal Royal Captains armour and weapons for pvp. And Apollon's armour and weapons for pve (the ones that can be conditioned).

Thank you in advance for any advice help offered. Much appreciated.

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Can't say for PvE, but PvP you should aim for anywhere from 4 to 5k accuracy through Precision stones, and have Power filling remaining slots.

I think the very bare minimum stats for melee classes is 1k crit, 4k accuracy, 1k attack, but you should be able to achieve much higher numbers than that.

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