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Mounts From Black Cloud Market


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Hello, sorry for my bad english.

In the forum i am new, but in the game i am a veteran from a long long time.

Recently i've restart to play aion, (this time i'll remain), i created 3 toon, because (for me) i like a variety to play with. 

Yesterday i take a Mount from BCM, but cannot transfer to my other toon, Why? i don't like to pay again "real" money for another one, if i pay i want different things. then why not make the items, etc, from BCM to be shared in account storage? 

Thanks and again sorry for my bad english, i am italian, and the italian server is full of ppl that think bad and aren't cooperations.

Game Masters please if this is the wrong place to leave this topic, move it and let me know so i cannot make same error another time.

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Welcome back. :) Mounts cannot be traded between toons. The only exceptions to this are the two mounts you can obtain through aetherforging (66+ crafting) and the 14-day nimbus mounts you can buy on the broker for around 4 mil a piece. Note, these are only tradeable in their boxed form; once they are opened, they are untradeable.

I don't know the last time you played, but Luna might not have been around then. If you don't know what Luna is, click on the pink moon down by your skill bars. You have to be on standard server, not fast track, in order to see it. Through this feature, you can run daily and weekly solo instances which give you crafting materials. You'll see that every day you have a few new crafts you can do; they change every day. Various mounts will show up in here. So if you start collecting the Luna materials from the instances and free daily box (it's a red box that costs 0 to open every day), you can eventually craft yourself some mounts on each toon. Again though, these mounts are not tradeable, so you have to craft them on the toon you want.

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