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Noob Question for Returning player


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I was reolling a new toon for giggles since my main is a bit higher and it was a but daunting to just jump right back into it again. 

I noticed when my new alt got to 10, we get the Fledgling box with gear that lasts you awhile. So my question is, .. is it possible to get this gear for an older toon that is already ascended but not max level or close to max level yet? And is so, how to? 

The character Id be trying to get it on is on Elyos. 

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1 hour ago, Bryos-DN said:

Its impossible. The only source of the Fledgling set (and the Elite Fledgling set at level 55), is the campaign. If the older character has already completed said campaign, they wont be able to acquire the set in any way.

I suppose thats not the worst thing then in this case. The character in question is at level 53. So when she gets to 55, she'll be able to get the 55 set from the sound of it. 

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