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Level 65 quest and graphic bug.

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Hello. When i came back from a break, there were more levels than before, so i tried doing the „Convert Communiques“ quest and it's bugged, when it says go meet the secret messenger, it doesn't show the quest marker and i can't move foward. The other thing is that the whole map sometimes buggs out and the graphics get all blured. Can somebody please help me? Thanks. :)

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The NPC you are supposed to meet was specified on the letter. Its Pellen or similar, located in the Library of Sages in Sanctum. Cannot remember if he was in the restricted area or not, but if he is, go up the stairs and talk to the guard on its top to be teleported there.

As for the graphic problem, where are you experiencing this? Also, when you see this blurriness, are you zooming in on your character? There is an option to disable/enable that in the Options menu.

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