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Aenhon Address to the Katalam Asmodian People #1

Aenhon Address to the Katalam Asmodian People #1  

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It is Monday and Aenhon's Campaign for Siege Leader continues with an address to the Katalam Asmodian people.

So, the music in the background is Aenhon's favorite music to have meetings to, he usually plays it on loop, and he wanted to share that experience with you while he addresses all of you. Also for your information, there is a little trouble with Aenhon's microphone, he sounds much more intelligible in person. We believe Cit sabotaged our microphone in order to win the election.


-- Address Transcript --

Hello my name is Aenhon and I'm running for Siege Leader of Asmodae. Ah-hah! This is my first video message to the peoples of Asmodae, and I'd just like to take this time to say that I enjoy living, ah-hah, so much that my luxury makes me perfect and infallible. It's why I have to spend so much money, more than anybody, and why I'm so successful in everything I do. There is no question to the perfection I will bring to the table, ah-hah, so much perfection that the enemies may or may not somehow join the territory we set our sights on, ah-hah because they would just wing it to win it and join our perfection. Ah-hah! I mean have you ever thought that just maybe the Elyos just wanted to snuggle in our fortress with us, ah-huh? Of course we all have to think about the Baluar. We have to think about our legions. Some say we value bigger legions too much and they are too big to fail, ah-hah but too big to fail is non-sense. Ateria is a big place and many mass extinctions have happened, but ha and look at the evidence of me, Aenhon, was that so bad? Ah-hah! What we have to think about is that legions are people too, ah-hah, not just people are people, but really sometimes there aren't, but there are lots of people inside people and that's polygamy. Legions are polygamy! Ah-hah! We all know this fact that legions are polygamies, but did you know that Static has started to divide their polygamy into shell polygamies, I mean, ah-hah? We all know what you are doing, ah-hah, and Brick Squad does it, but they have a permit to practice legionary activities. Ah-hah and can I just take this time to say Brick Squad is amazing? Ah-hah, money. We all love Ego, but karma is a nyerk and that $130,000 dollar payment isn't going to keep her quiet for long, ah-hah, but karma is fake news, so get out the way nyerk. Ah-hah! And what even more, we never thank our entrepreneurs for their service, we only care about the Asmodian Officers and when they die by wing clip in Krotan Fortress. They only want attention like 99% of the time, but the entrepreneurs are the real heros, swiping their credit cards to make Asmodae great again. Ah-hah. So take off your titles you ungrateful Officers and swipe your card like the rest of us and buy the Reoccuring Prestige Pack for only $15 per month! I'm sure Ego agrees with me, Aenhon and him are just alike. Ah-hah. (Fire alarm) Ah-hah! It looks like one of my favorite staff members spontaneously combusted because I'm that popular, ah-hah, so...we all know Cit is a failure! Vote for me, Aenhon. Until later. Goodbye. Money.

To view our first post introducing Aenhon and myself, please navigate to this page


Saerah (Juanita)

Communications Director of the Aenhon Campaign

This forum message was signed off on, customized, approved by Aenhon, and written by Saerah. Recording of Aenhon was signed off on and approved by Aenhon, and posted by Saerah.

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6 hours ago, Delicat-KT said:

THANK YOU whoever came up with the ignore posts/message etc option on the forums! 

Ok, sir, we know you have donated to the Aenhon campaign 4 times, we screenshot all donations. So when you imply you are blocking us, you are fake news, there is no explainable way you would block us when you donated to us. You even paid for Aenhon to push for your platform that hacking is morally okay, he did, and you praised that.

Edit: I'd like to remind people hacking still isn't allowed.

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