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  1. Not sure if this helps! Its the reply they gave me, looks like we're behind in rewards, I got my 2nd week sent out AFTER the maint of yesterday. So from the looks of it, should of gotten 2 boxes as of yet and the 3rd one is on the way! But i'll contact again after 24 hours to make sure
  2. Thanks! Time to send support a ticket since I didn't get mine And I know I did them for sure!
  3. Week 4 was enchant a piece to +10, which they didn't announce on forums, only through the site the event was posted to... Also, did they send out week 2 and 3 rewards yet or no??? because I still haven't gotten them.. Only week 1
  4. Anniversary skin we'll be getting! For all the hoarders 🙀
  5. KT people be like Meanwhile DN People who mostly asked for merge be like
  6. What do you need a merge for!? People wont be happy losing their names and their houses AGAIN😒 Just bring back fast track servers with all maps added into it!! That will solve PvE/PvP issues, GG easy fix
  7. @KibbelzNot everyone seems to have the option to turn auto-hunt on? Some said you have to toggle the option on in interface but I for once have no such option First SS is from me and 2nd one from a friend
  8. @Cyan any compensation for those that ran out of prestige while the "issue" was ongoing?
  9. @Cyan Crashed inside Shugo Emperor's Vault, typical, and came back to no xform. Tried to use the scroll but it says "You cannot use that item here"
  10. And? Have you forgotten Danaria/Katalam siege times? Tiamaranta siege times? I didn't see people QQ about those and they were PERFECT for EU AND NA players
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