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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    @Cyan any compensation for those that ran out of prestige while the "issue" was ongoing?
  2. Katalam Server Crash

    So, KT crashed again...
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    @Cyan Crashed inside Shugo Emperor's Vault, typical, and came back to no xform. Tried to use the scroll but it says "You cannot use that item here"
  4. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    And? Have you forgotten Danaria/Katalam siege times? Tiamaranta siege times? I didn't see people QQ about those and they were PERFECT for EU AND NA players
  5. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    @Cyan will we see siege times change with this? For EU players its almost IMPOSSIBLE to attend, 4 am my time, unless they like their lack of sleep
  6. If that's the case then the duration is even shorter for asmos by a mile
  7. @Cyan tank in brawl for asmos disappears after dropping down to 60% HP
  8. I wish they would put this in, but NcSoft isn't that nice
  9. @Cyan Kinah doesn't drop from ANY mobs, was this intended?
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    @Cyan Bosses aren't dropping any event items
  11. 10 Years of Aion Maps Project

    Ah man, i remember using Aion Project to lvl up gathering!! Thank you & late congrats!
  12. Costume Rotation

    @Cyan can we get these skins running again? Especially this PLEASE! [item:110901548] Stately Daevanion Jacket / Ornate Daevanion Jacket [item:111101966] Stately Daevanion Gloves / Ornate Daevanion Gloves [item:112101910] Stately Daevanion Pauldrons / Ornate Daevanion Pauldrons [item:113101973] Stately Daevanion Trousers / Ornate Daevanion Trouser [item:114102007] Stately Daevanion Shoes / Ornate Daevanion Shoes [item:125045991] Stately Daevanion Hat / Ornate Daevanion Hat