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Aethertech Problem

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Hi, mine aethertech has set to harvester and is receiving much damage from mob in instance of level 65 and I am level 71, have set to harvester full and accessories of gray wolf, will be leaving in annex vocês mine set full to evaluate, therefore I receive much damage in mob and with songweaver I obtain to tankar the instance of the 65 tranquilamente, could verify if is some bug in the personage? Mine set this more not equipped by the fact of I to have used unbinding to vender set, therefore in the PVE aethertech this receiving much damage.









Nexuz - Aethertech


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Hi, there is a bit of translation issue with your post as I am sure English is not your first language, so hopefully I am understanding you correctly. You are saying that you are receiving more damage in your Harvester set than you think you SHOULD be receiving? As in, you think you should not be receiving as much damage as you are?

Firstly, it's kind of hard to say because you did not post any info about the damage you are receiving. I mean, are you being one-shot by mobs or something? Just because you have Harvester gear does not mean you will not receive damage.

Secondly, you mentioned you are only level 71. I can see from the screenshots of your gear that they all have level penalties. Meaning, they have not been level reduced down to your level. So if you're wearing a piece of gear that is at level 77 and you're only level 71, then you are not receiving all of the benefits from that gear -- maybe only like 88% or so. That will be a factor on how much damage you receive and how much damage you give.

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