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BCM Pets (question)


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Hey guys, I have a few questions about the inventory pets (and hopefully someone who owns them could help me). Does the Crescent Inquin Egg share inventory space with the Potbelly Inquin Egg or Bluemane Trico Egg? They're all are 12 slots pets.


Before someone go ahead and tell me that pets with same bags share space, that's not true for a few pets. For example I have the Potbelly Inquin and it does not share space with my Bluemane Trico, and there's no warning about them sharing or not (like there's a warning about the Panda pet not sharing space with Sunset Drakie). 
If you know other pets with unique bags on BCM that would be nice as well (aside from the Harvest saam cause I already own it plus Tahabata). I appreciate any help I can get, thanks.

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