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Would be nice to have a complete game


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It would be nice to have a complete game where every map that has been designed is playable. If the intent is to make players have a shorter journey to max level, then you can just make the extra maps optional maps like Theobomos/Brusthonin have always been. Players can choose whether to breeze through Poeta->Heiron or take their time going through Poeta->Verteron->Eltnen->Heiron->Theobomos and enjoy the full game. Why would you take away that full experience? There's just no reason to delete old maps. Let players decide where they want to level, instead of deciding it for them. That was the wonder of Theobomos/Brusthonin, where players could decide whether to level in Eltnen/Heiron/Altgard/Morheim or there.


If the intent was to reduce server costs, you could always disable fast track and disable the extra channels. Eltnen alone has 5 channels that are hardly used. Why would you delete the entire region just to save costs when you could just delete 5 channels and just leave the normal server channel open?


If the intent was to bring back old players, that would make some of us more reluctant to come back to the game, because half the game has been deleted anyway. Why come back to half the game we knew? We loved the game we once played, not this half-deleted game that we don't recognize anymore. You're not going to bring new players either, because the core game has been deleted anyway. Why would they jump into the expansion of an old game with no ability to play the original game?


If the intent was to allow players to get to max level faster, do you really need to delete all these maps? Just increase exp rewards. You guys have been spoonfeeding new characters with extremely high exp campaigns and free +10 gears already. Leveling is already fast enough. Just sell a Lvl 70 instant level booster even, you could earn extra money.


If the intent was to make sure people concentrate on the new maps, why does that even matter? People who are still leveling won't be going for sieges or PvP anyway.




Currently, I'm playing through all the (remaining) quests in the game, trying to re-experience as much as I can before you delete half the game. A pity you've already deleted the entirety of 2 expansions already. This might as well be Aion -6.0 because we'll be having less content than we ever had now. I'll probably be moving to another game that adds content instead of delete them after I'm done re-experiencing the game for the last time.

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