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Returning, second go!


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SO way back made it to general rank 4 as an Aethertech.. but legion exploded due to non game related issues...Mean while in the game world of Aion... Kinah farmers staged a new assault, game econ was utter crap with greed ruining things for any new players who wanted to get any gear, and the amount of hacks cheats were past the roof line and out to lunar orbit level.   It got so bad that there's been several years of gear give aways to new end content players so they might at least have a least a small chance of doing well and not flee in terror.

Don't know if any of this has changed,  (really hoping it has..but I'm older then most folk playing this game so.. yea, we'll see) but by now most of you are years older and have kids of your own or may even be a grandparent such as myself.  Reinstalling and in a month when what ever version of 6.x this is going to be live and playable I'll dig in and find out.   I like good PvP, and I don't mind if it's challenging.  And hopefully the changes in core systems will have addressed many the balance issues and not result in another pointless round of baby seal clubbing.

   (Of course the big issue has been and always will be stat creep in MMO's of any kind, but maybe games devs have figured it out after 30 years of online gaming.  Hope springs eternal and all that!)

See you about!

Bittina sends


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