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Old v New Content Suggestion


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With this new 6.0 update I have seen that players are split on the topic of wanting the old world content and wanting the new world content. May I suggest just splitting the game into two different ones? An Old Aion and a New Aion? The Old game could not be updated content wise and have all the maps and locations still in it, basically everything from around 4.0+5.0 etc. While the New game can be 6.0 and beyond where they update it as much as they want content wise. Players (accounts) can have the option of which one they would like to be a part of and should be given an option through email to either be moved to the Old version or stay in the New version and the company can move them according to their preference where they would then be deleted from the game they decided to leave, with their login only working for the version they chose. This would solve all of their issues with players being upset with the updates. What do you think? Is this a good idea? Why or why not?

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While your intentions are good, this idea wont work. Basically, this already happened, and it failed miserably.

A little story time. Back in 4.8 a special server was added along with the release. The "Master Server", which basically implied a server where max level was 50, and anything after 1.5 wasnt added. It did borrow some features from later patches, but they were needed.

For a while, everything was alright, but then something happened. They realised the core concept was flawed. You cant have a server stuck in time, because people get bored of the content. Its MMO 101 basic logic. They needed to keep the appeal for the server, by adding new content. This came with eventually level cap increased to 55, outposts in Gelk, Dredgion Defense (I think), etc.

And here we go with another two problems. One, you are spending a lot more of resources on keeping up with the new server (less income for you). And two, there is only so much content you can add to old stuff before having to remive stuff or just making it worth it. This basically caused a certain evolution of the Master Server; Devs tried keeping it new (not only deviating from the old game), but updates became less and less common as time passed by. So, then 6.0 happened, and Master Server was announced to be removed (pretty sure it was announced beforehand, but whatever).

So, yes, Master Server was a massive fail. You could say "But it wasnt the real old Aion, it was p2w". Its a free game, requiring some sort of income to make up for the upkeep of a new server and all the work required for it. You could say "It had the new 4.8 stigma system". Wake up, the old stigma system was absolute nyerking gash. You could say "They did the wrong changes, too close to the other servers, but lower level". That is one of the reasons they explained with 6.0, but it was realistically inevitable either way.

So, yes, an old server will not work. It would be repeating the same show the Master Server was. General waste of time.

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