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gm's that actually care.


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the following is a letter i wrote to gms JUST to prove a point.


dear gm(anybody really) i wanted to ask no bullshit why can we as legit players NOT get anybody banned no matter what we catch them doing?

this was a example from 2 days go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP8o5jYCya0 kills me while im immortal before i even log in does a slow with out a dot and is obviously hacking cuz NO buffs show up anywhere in aion

here is a guy who can heal + pot + shield + charge all before he even is fully res'd and that takes 3-5 seconds

yesterday as well 5 asmo witnessed this person flight hacking she was also reported at least 2 times for 1 shooting a guard at the gate (the super elite ones) that cannot die ye she killed it in 1 hit.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFg8n1ompN8

this was all the past 3 days.. i have reported some of these players at least 10-50 times and i always get teh same BS response half the time the gm wont even watch the video i KNOW cuz i have it set to private so only gm can view it.. nothing gets done.

are we to the point where u just dont care and totally refuse to ban hackers ? just be strait with me i am considering leaving this game and this will help me decide i know i wont spend money here EVER do to the ****ty quality control, some hackers like KAHZA and TURBO , shadowdrake u ban them for 1 day or 2 days and back they go... i just dont understand why you guys used to be so damn good is this a new policy or something? any information would be useful all you ever say is " we will investigate it" but nothing happens.


gm response

Hello there,

We're still currently in the middle of an investigation and the progress is quite extensive with regards to the time needed, rest assured that the appropriate punishment will be held to the violator.

Kindly understand that players are thoroughly analyzed and investigated to ensure the accuracy of the sanction.

So we would like to apologize if it's taking a while.

Please let me know if you have any question or inquiry.

Best Regards,

(name with held )
NCSOFT Support Team


not only did the gm not bother to watch a single video of the report, he didnt even bother to read the letter he just copy and pasted the same damn BS response. i get that sometimes funny,weird,or hackLIKE things happen.

i myself have been immortal at least 5 times from a game glitch, twice i could not get mob OR guard argo no matter what i did nor could i kill them, i was 40 ft tall one time for about 7 min, i fell though the earth twice for no reason, i got stuck UNDER dreg in the dreg instance and could not die be hit argo or get out but was walking on thin air,  i was accused of being able to see invis ppl and hide 2 even tho its a player glitch from the other side (by the way the very hacker in the video up there set me up) so 1 video sure i can over look 2 i can still over look it heck 3 but 3+ the same deal over and over come on gm's  guys cheating i personally know kazha killed a guy while in wind stream 3-4 times  gm's even banned him for it (for 1 day)  >...>;   what kind of player justice is this


and then u got this .. im just gonna let this speak for itself..

this was actually taken by a member of the team the hacker was ON.. so kinda hard to deny.. fast ping u say.. bs i say (video contains bad lang maybe not safe for work i also had NOTHING to do w this video)


to close this up i twitch.tv/etnaaflonne1337 my stuff as well as record and youtube darn near everything (in 4k hd)  if  ppl wanna accuse me of hacking im ok with that and i welcome a gm investigation of my account, cuz there is always that 1 hacking tool thats wants to talk smack. i say if im hacking BAN ME  thats the point we want hackers banned watch my twitch sub to gm get me banned..


so  what do we have to do to get cheat guard, or gms that actually read or submissions and do things  this is my suggestion and what i want for my birthday / Christmas.


thank you for your time.






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