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If you are still using old gear (pre 6.0 sets), do the first quests around Lakrum, including the first campaigns and key quests around the main base. That will give you the Lakrum Protector set, PvE gear, very basic, but something to work from. If you already have post-6.0 levelling gear, then you could skip those and head straight for the following tier.

This is the next step for both routes. You have two options; Bloodsworn set or Ancient instance gear. They have the same stats and bonuses, but different ways to get them. Bloodsworn is exchanged with for Genesis Crystals, a token obtained from doing those weekly quests in all camps in Lakrum (just kill 5 mobs when you own the outpost). Instance gear comes from the two very first instances in Lakrum; Mirash Sanctum (Ancient Sanctuary set) and Cradle of Eternity (Ancient Libertas set). What I did is run the instances and then whatever pieces I did not get, I bought the Bloodsworn equivalent.

Also, protip, Bloodsworn exchange rate is a lot better if you get it from the NPCs in Shipwreck Cut (south-most artifact), as opposed to doing it from your main base.

After that, you have the Legendary Voidsoul set. This comes from Bastion of Souls and Frozen Monolith. I am not sure of the requirements to do high end instances now, but this is something better to aim for than just wearing Ancients against Primeth's Forge or Infernal Drakenspire Depths. The problem from now on will be the bonuses you get from this gear, since its random. The daily organisation offers this same gear, with another name, and without random bonuses, but it will take a while to grind for it (considering the amount required to purchase it and how few tokens you get per day).

The final tier of gear is the Ultimate Frostspark gear; comes from Primeth's Forge and Infernal Drakenspire Depths. Might not be as useful now, as you would have already conquered the highest tier of content available, but its an objective for 6.5.

Thats PvE-wise. As for PvP, I suppose gear purification/promotion from Genesis Crystal PvP gear is the way to go.

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Both sets are available in your main base in Lakrum, but I highly recommend to go for the NPCs in the outposts for the reduced price. Shipwreck Cut (the one most to the south) has the PvE gear and Temple Walk (the one below the outpost in the middle) has the PvP ones. And after you are done collecting the gear you need, you can exchange your Genesis Crystals for enchantment stones in Anvil's Heart (middle one).

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