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Dye colors for furnitures


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Last week I was decorating and moving stuff in my studio and I wanted to change the colors for my furnitures to match the theme I had in mind
So I went out of the studio and start searching for dye plants so i could gather colours
I noticed that it doesn't drop anything so I thought that they removed it, since they removed dyes for equipment

3-4 days ago I had an idea: "what if it's bugged, or the drop is for level 10 to 75, and I can't drop with my main char cause it's level 80?"
So I went back with an alt low level and it started dropping dyes (luckily tradable so I did pass them to my main)
Maybe it's a bug and you need to add drop for level 76 to 80. Or was it , maybe, just intentional?

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