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Extendables aren't needed anymore ?


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So as you must've noticed, pve and pvp gear have been split in two very clear gear "categories", since enchanting one or the other gives either pve bonuses or pvp bonuses. In the case of extendeables from the previous patches, you got your extendeable as the top and put an AP weapon underneath to get the pvp bonus, while getting pvp atk mainly from that combine. However now, because the only extendeable in-game (so far at least, so 6.5) is pve, people think you'll be greatly gimping yourself by using an extendeable, which is wrong if:
1) the rest of your gear is well-enchanted;
2) you use extend+pvp [option 3 in the next part] as your pvp wep and not pve+pve, but even more so if;
3) you have a pvp weapon to switch to for the appropriate situations, because you don't actually need an extend 24/7.

In the current patch, you have a few options for 2-hand melee classes:

  1. pvp + pvp (gives no augment bonus so you're essentially only combining for the stats, double ultimate with maxed rolled stats, without stats rolled to be better than the next option, this is actually a waste of both time and ressources)
  2. pvp + pve (you can re-roll stats for all pve gear from instances, so this is easier to get than double ultimate) (unless ofc you can't get a group/loot right for iDD)
    • these aforementionned two give you the max amount of pvp atk, and then you have the extend option
  3. pve (extend) + pvp (best option stats-wise since you at least get some pvp atk from the combine)
  4. pve (extend) + pve (cheapest/fastest option, you essentially lose all pvp atk from your weapon and rely exclusively on the pvp atk stat from the rest of your gear)

(old) pic to illustrate, left is ultimate crafted procx2 (stats can't be re-rolled)(so option 1) vs extendeable+ultimate firebrand/inquisitor (both stats can be rerolled, don't mind the HB)(so option 3)



Keep in mind there's 40 atk socketed on the left weapon, anyways I'm sure someone who plays a certain server can provide better screenshots (using the ultimate farmed/genesis weapons instead of the crafted to compare stats meaninfully) but ye
+link to all ultimate Anomos weps https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Ultimate_Anomos_Set

Of course, since we're still pretty early in the patch and people struggle to google anomos spawn times (+ the huge spawn time window), there's also the difficulty to acquire the extendeable in the first place that has to be considered, which is why a lot of people give up on that option I suppose, at least for the time being and until they can actually consider it an option at all, after having the class-appropriate weapon in their inventory. And then there's enchanting it.

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