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Put everything into BCM isn't the answer


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Try to make people pay for ur game as much as u could isn't good marketing,a good marketing is how to make people willing to pay for your product not forcing them to pay for product.

It's true that the company needs money to stay operational but it shouldn't force us to pay for basic things like transparent transformation scrolls or transformation contract just to get our basic needs to do everyday stuff in instances.

Skins are very important in every MMO anyone that said they ain't playing for skins but only pvp or other stuff is probably lying.Everybody is care about how their character looks the characters represented themselves to other people.

Every update improved Aion but a lot of stuff isn't advancement but degraded in my opinion 3.0 was the best version of Aion why it's the best ? It's not because it's pvp it's not because free 2 play but because it served most people that's pve and the gears are farmable with kahrun weekly to have best gears in game is possible even you're a newbie everybody can reached the end game.If you look at 6.0 which starting free 2 play of Korea the attempt is failed.People in Korea don't play in 6.x because it's suck.

4.0 was attempt to please elites they added Katalam and Danaria not to please most people they wanted to please whales they got players from 3.0 era so many people to kill.Very hard instances where most people can't do it such as EB,IS,DR only elites can do 4.0 is the point that they starting losing people.

The break down is 4.8 where they removed kahrun quests,group raksang,AM/EF a lot of people quited during this era it's considered thw worst patch because it removed pve content that people love when it wasn't needed

5.0 is make the different between normal players and elite even more,super hard leveling.The addition of luna is fine but it shouldn't be added into instances it should added as daily and weekly reward where u just click and finish in 2 seconds the additional of AoE,CoE,ToE,BoS,FM,CC make new players go away from Aion because it's damn hard instances that most people can't do.

6.0 is a intention to fix bad stuff in 5.0 to make leveling easier but they removed a lot of instances and infernal transformation system that forced people to pay basic things like running speed,attack/cast speed and make it even more important to use transform by removing running speed and attack/cast speed from the gloves.This attempt seems u have to pay us or u can't play the game.it's very bad marketing.

So if I'm the produicer of Aion how would I fix this mess ?

I'll look at 3.0 as base game and do research why 3.0 is so great why a lot of players there and developing stuff that they wanted,here is my conclusion

-You can get best gears just from farming daily and from instance daily like raksang : the best point of 3.0 everybody can finished the line some take short some take long but eventually everyone can get best gears and enjoy Aion.

-Instance isn't about status but it's about skins farming : yes after u get geared u wanna farm instances,instances should be easy enough for everyone to farm and should be option to farm or not,not forcing everyone to farm to get gears.

-The most beautiful skins isn't BCM only : I'm talking about primal spirit skins and kahrun fabled it's farmable from instances and daily

-People love housing they love it : instead removed construction they should added more crafts to this profession.

-Separate pvpers and pvers : Ofc there should be abyss gears farming in dredgion and medals farming but to who only want to pvp like in Tia Eye.So who like to pvp happy in to kill people in eye and pve can enjoy at their best too

How to make money ?

Remember if someone doesn't pay to Aion they won't even the game forced them to they will just quit.The whale will pay no matter what and without free players the game will die and whales will stopping paying because there's no one in game for them to play with.So how to make everyone happy ?

-Give the whales pvp pack that generate AP and Medals each day they login.

-For pver give them solo version of instances that giving nice skins and make sure pack tradeable.Why ? People will feel invest in this pack is worth a lot more than buy a skin in BCM because they can farm unlimited and they can sell the pack to other people too.

-Sell infinite pass for entering arena unlimited times people should have fun anytime they wanted and no limited time too.

-Skins on BCMs should be reskinnable : don't be greedy people oftenly buy skin only once why make people feel they wasting money for something they can only used once make it reskinnable unlimited times and sale will increase.

About the story they could implemented 7.0 and 3rd dragon(sorry forgot her name) grows too powerful so someone decided to take us back in time to Tiamat era.

This is just some examples I can think now if people discuss about this more maybe I'll have more idea ;)

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