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only 3 servers?


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Hey, i downloaded Aion just yesterday, after 1 year, and i wanted to play with one friend of mine, but we found out that we can´t see each other on server. We made sure we´re on the same server and chat, and when we tried to sent each other friend request, it wrote that character doesnt exist. Then we noticed in menu where u are selecting servers, i have only 3 here displayed (Ereshkigal, Katalam and Danaria) , and my friend has 10 (Ereshkigal, Hellion, Deyla, Antriksha, Nergal, Thor, Loki, Urtem, Hyperion and Barus). So the only server we have in common in menu si Ereshkigal. I played the game before but i always had only 2 servers there (Ereshkigal is new, i guess). Is there any way to add servers? Do i need higher level? Why my friend can´t login to Katalam or Danaria?

Any reply will be appreciated

(sorry for my bad english)

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