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Suggestion for changes in game and what to add


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I have just small things to request (not sure if others have said it or not) and some that others have already requested

- DP Jellies. Having just luna sometimes drop the 2k jellies isn't really the best way. I feel like just like there's a general good merchant, jellies should be in there so people can buy cause we can use jellies more than once in  a day and all the luna ones get used really easily.

- In ID, having kunax give all the points to the side that did the most damage is unfair. Many groups win pvp but lose pve wise cause the other side did the most damage on kunax. The points on Kunax should be divided. The side that does the lowest dps still gets points from Kunax and those points come from the percent damage done by that side. It shouldn't be an all or nothing for kunax.

- In pve instances in Lakrum (BOS/FM/IDD/PF), not every can get gear as loot which in a sense is fine, however having the same gear drop over and over again is not helping. There are so many rare drops that it seems almost impossible to even get them.

-Anomos spawns sometimes in the morning for NA when everyones asleep or after 2 am EST ? It makes it harder for some to do it at that time unless someone is playing from EU or stays that late.

- The procs on aetherforged gear feels the same as enchantment rate. Most people seeked the aetherforged gear because of the enchantment rate but even that is sorta hard and too grindy since you need a masterwork to craft the next level (red/purple) and even trying 100 times doesn't give you that.

The rest everyone said

about power shards, availability of transparent scrolls in kinah shop (unlimited), purification really should be at 10 not 15 if we are keeping these enchantment rates, etc.

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