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Cleric Stigmas, Set builds PVE/PVP


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For healing I use..

  • Benevolence
  • Ripple of Purification
  • Splendor of Rebirth
  • Saving Grace
  • Noble Grace
  • Retribution Lightening (for a little dps.. you can change this one to whatever you like)

For dps I use..

  • Call Lightening
  • Chain of Suffering
  • Summon Noble Energy
  • Sacrificial Power
  • Festering Wound (this one can be swapped for anything you like)
  • Retribution Lightening

For PvE gear, start with Mirach and CoE. It's good to get two sets of accessories and tune one with Heal Boost/HP (heal set) and the other with MagAtt/MagAcc (dps). Once you have most of that, you can start running FM and BoS for legendary gear. Once you have half legendaries, you can start running PF and IDD.

For PvP gear, the genesis crystal gear is the best. Enchanting is awful, so some people grab a couple of pieces of legendary masterwork crafted gear to use until they can get their crystals gear up. You don't need to do that, but it's an option.

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