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Look into 6.5 update and planning ahead


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If you haven't got geared or using quest gears or no genesis gears during too many elyos or too many asmo.
I want you to take a look at this gears.

Whole set cost 100 gold ingots it will take you around a month if you buy gold ingots everyday and cost you 130kk

This set is just as good as pandora set but save you money from retuning and you better just farm Pandora's Accessories / Wings / Feathers / Breacelets

What about Genesis Crystal ? Yes you can farm them too but better save them to craft daevanion skillbooks if my memory didn't failed me crafting skillbooks cost 100 crystals and 480k ap (I'm not sure how much dred giving ap now but I think 180k for losing correct me if I'm wrong)for each book.(You can just farm 2 camps each week (60*2 = 120) because you can only craft one per week,I expected camps to be hot zone and a lot of pvp)

So what I would advise to do before 6.5 update ? I would advise you to do luna daily and farm kinah boxes as much as possible (Try to get boxes with 2-3 luna light cost with 100%) and buy transformation contact weekly until you get ancient with attack speed or cast speed depend on your class.And buy at least 100 gold ingots so when update hit you will have set asap.

I hope this guide will help anyone who lazy like me :P

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