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How to get over 1.3k of attack on a SIN?


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First of all, make sure all your armor, main hand weapon, and wings are enchanted to +15 or beyond. This will maximize your attack. You want the best weapon available. The one from Bastion of Souls or Sophisticated Frigida Legion will do.

You will also want the Pure Attack/Crit Plume+5 or higher for additional 59 attack and 75ish crit. The higher the enchant - the more crit you get.

Use Archdaeva gear to slot in Precision stones until you reach desirable crit amount, idealy +9s or better, so you don't waste many slots for that. Socket the rest of the slots with power +8-9s or +10s if you can get your hands on those.

Having a Bracelet at +7 or higher helps too, because you can put Ancient Attack +7/8 manastone in it.

Get yourself a full set of Apollon's (CoE) or Harvester's (BoS) accessories. They give the most crit and some additional attack. The PvE% they have is sweet.

Max out Precision and Power with Essence points.

Also, don't forget about idians. The mythic physical attack ones give the most attack/crit/accuracy.

I still have a piece of armor to socket with Power manastones, so my stats, without an idian are:


Good Luck!

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Thanks for the answer!
I am wanting these status for pvp, my set is prime 75 +15, wing +15, brac +7 with 2 ancient attack +8, dagger and sword +15 with 3 power slots +9 a +10 the rest +7, a dagger is power +7, plume +6 59 attack  101 crit.
Pants with 3 power slots +8 and 3 slots +7, one part of the set is attack + 5 / crit 9
the rest of the set is +7 precision.
All accs prime 75, without idian


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If you want those stats for PvP, then I would suggest getting a Boundless 80/83 weapon for mainhand, since it is as good/better than Frigida. That alone will yield a huge boost to your attack. Also, if you want to make the best out of manastones, then don't bother with +7s. They are mediocre at best. Instead, go for +9s. They are the "bang for the buck" type of deal. Also, when you begin noticing that a Power+9 only yields 6-5 attack increase, then opt for regular attack +5/composites.

That's the only way I see of getting the stats you're looking for, unless someone else has a different opinion.

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