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What NC thinking let's take a look at their blog

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Game Design Level Up # 14 Will it be time to subscribe to games ?!

<Lineage M> introduced a flat-rate plan in March for the blessing of Einhasad. 'Blessing of Einhasad' is a buff that adds experience points. If you hunt monsters in blessed state, you can earn more experience points and earned money than usual.

5.8 Model but failed on Aion

So basically if you don't want hard leveling (5.x Model so they can keep selling berdin stars for more exp) then you have to subscribe as a form of transformation system by buying contracts and transparent scrolls.The transformation system and daevanion skills are direct results of easy leveling that we all have to pay.They don't want to totally negated free players because free players are meant to be victims of paying players.(Sure they're free players that can owned paid players but that's minor) and this is why subscribe base model was failed before 3.0 because there's no victims for paying players.

My personal preference ? I would rather hard leveling and removed of luna and turns daevanion skills into normal skills or arch daeva skills like 5.x.I rather to play as my own character then forced to be transform,I would introduce partial subscribe base as auto generate of AP,Event items,kinah while offline(goodbye gold sellers,basically NC sell kinah themselves),Let them sell berdin stars again.That's the price I can accept rather than punished the whole community with transformation system.

Soon NC will realize that transformation system is not working for most people and they will come up with something else.

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