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Make Pandora (PvP) Cross Server pls(?)


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I Have been thinking about Pandora (in general) this week and I have noticed that Pandora (PvP) has a slight disadvantage per server (DN-KT-EK) or NCsoft do not consider all aspects to create it optimally or equitably, i explain myself , in Pandora-DN (PvP) the first days maybe u can complete the 2 Pandora-DN PvP because everyone wants to make it (you will notice that the first days outside of Pandora-DN PvP is coupled many people) but... over time the number of people decreases and decreases for the weak faction; Until reaching the point that the strong faction gets a Free Win always, and only remains to make Pandora PvE. 
The number of people to make Pandora PvP decreases the first 2-3 days because people with PvP gear ends immediately, but... what happens to other players? or if u are offline? Since Pandora PvP has limited slot...many people are left out and consequently people are delayed forever, then... there comes a time when THERE IS no ONE in the weak faction trying to do Pandora-DN PvP being that there are still people without finishing it, and in the strong faction is a Free Win. (In DN the strong faction is asmo)
What do u think? Exactly the same thing happens in the other servers? in my opinion should try to make Pandora PvP Cross Server like EC? or not?

PD: Is not about me, is about all of us, cuz i finish all my Pandora(so im fine) but ppl still trying to finish their Pandora PvP, so this post IS NOT FOR ME, is for all of us (i explain this because some ppl dont understand and they are a little selfish n they only think of themselves and not in the others. Empathy:).

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