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Returning player

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First, I would suggest starting a new character. All the gear on any old character is going to be obsolete and leveling a new character will get you used to the new systems. Leveling is very easy. You can get to 80 in a couple of days of relaxed play.

Once you get to Lakrum, do the first quests to get your starter sets of PvE and PvP gear. Run Mirash Sanctum. It's a solo instance and easy even with starter gear. Also run Cradle. It's a 3 man instance, but some classes can solo and most can duo. Once you have the full set of gold gear from those two, you can start running FM and BoS. You can also begin the Pandora gear quests. You can get a full set of PvE gear from that, but it is far bellow the gear you will get from instances.

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