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@Cyan can we get this pandora bug looked at


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This happened once on my alt about a week ago during one of the later windows. I left an empty looking PvE pandora match that only had a few people in it and joined the PvP one instead. I left through the portal of the PvE zone and went over to the PvP portal. When I was teleported inside, I wasn't added into the alliance properly. Instead, I was captain of my own 3rd alliance. Everyone had white names around me instead of the proper alliance numbering/colors. The alliance itself was full of players that had blank names. The class and level were still visible. I couldn't click on anyone. The groups looked like a copy of whoever was in the second alliance of the league. I tried to exit and enter the zone again but it looked all the same. I logged off thinking that after 10 minutes it would kick me out.
Fast forward to the day after; I got an angry sounding whisper on my main character saying my alt had captain of the PvP pandora alliance and no one could sort the groups. When I logged into my alt and joined through the rift it auto grouped me as normal. I did not have captain. I tried relogging my character, then got a whisper saying thanks for passing the lead. I guess the system passed it automatically over to someone else in the alliance. It was either when I joined or when I logged out, it was never made clear to me which one it was. 
Player fix: Get the person to join into the pandora run, and maybe have them relog.  

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