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Ankle Breaker or Callous Strike


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Hi iBrollo, great question and hopefully sharing some of my insights will be helpful to you. Also, I see you here and there and just want to compliment your skinning choices l; that yellow/golden look is pretty awesome!

Recommendations - Callous: I recommend going with Callus Strike. There are two reasons that come to mind before others. 1: you may use this skill on bosses, providing a damage increase to you while upping your sustainability because the debuff works on bosses like Beritra. 2: you may decrease the cool down significantly with a high crit rate and combining that crit rate with your daevanian shield skill. 

Ankle Breaker - upside: This skill provides interesting “next hit” combos. For example, using Ankle Breaker, buffing the next attack, and following it up with Invigorating Strike; allowing for a massive self heal and sustain. One more thing, if you use other stigmas with stuns and such, you can proc this skill much more than Callous (excluding bosses).

Hope this helps you a little’

-Prince 克理



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