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@Cyan, I have some questions about 7.0


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Will we get the normal transformation times or at least more forgiving?  I understand the intent, however I think it was too much.  I think extending the time period by green transforms to 9m, ancient to 8m, Legendary to 7m and ultimate to 5m would provide a more fair approach to it.

Will the morphing recipes for enchantment stones get updated to the new materials day 1?  You receive different items in 7.0 to be able to upgrade gear, and while many of us have large stacks of ridium, some don't.  

Is there going to be any updates in the availability of crafting supplies?  The most basic materials like guiding stones even are prohibitively expensive and hurts new players trying to gear up.  I understand the intent of the nerf of the mobs that drop crafting supplies, but it was overdone.

And last but not last, can we please get more reasonably priced transparent scrolls in the Gold Sand Traders?  I'm not asking for 27k ones, but I think 80k is a fair price.


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