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  1. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    It’s not effected by physical attack, but efficient pain rune seems to always hit the same in PVE regardless of the mob. Efficient pain run hits much harder than the others, usually just over 19k. So against Beritra it’s actually one of our hardest hitting skills, while vs mobs with lower defense it won’t hit as hard vs your physical attack skills. But it’s a short animation so you should still use it.
  2. Legendary Transform from a 62 Type Contract ?

    Yep it’s very possible I know someone who got a Frigida transform from a white contract BEFORE he got a ancient transform.
  3. Pandora vs Voidsoul

    Pandora gear is better but gearing up in 7.0 is way easier except for top end pvp.
  4. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    NCSoft should make it that you get 5 fighting spirit fragments per daily area kill quest instead of 10 genesis crystals. It would boost pvp and make all parts of the map active, it addresses many of the issues this patch has.
  5. PvE Glad Questions

    Polearm only has slightly higher weapon damage, which is worth a lot less this patch especially considering the attack speed difference. In pvp, the range matters, but not pve.
  6. No they will be different, I’d recommend leveling a toon to 75 but not completing the Enshar quest
  7. Correction: Magic classes should not be weaving auto-attacks, but certain classes have skills they should be weaving as often as they can.
  8. Sins should be weaving as long as you have 18% attack speed transform and 15%+ attack speed weapon, otherwise it's better to spam unless flurry is up. Sin is not really weak, you're probably just undergeared. With the 6.5 buffs, Sins are strong AF in open world. On my glad, I've found that spamming skills is better when using GS or PA. I only weave on the lower damage skill chains, Ferocious strike chain and body smash chains because the other auto attacks hit harder than those skills do and it makes sure I don't run out of skills. Usually I'm waiting for 2 seconds or so if all of my longer CDs (20-30 secs) are on CD for a skill if I don't weave those chains. Chanters, rangers, and templars should be weaving at times too, just to make sure you don't run out of skills. No magic classes should be weaving IMO.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    It’s not the same conversion rate. 10 Luna= 1 euro in EU, 80 Luna=$1 here, so it’s actually cheaper here.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    That's per toon though, so theoretically someone could get upwards of 3k luna in a week since Luna is shared across the entire account.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    Thank you for the changes Cyan! The prices for the transparent scrolls are still a bit expensive, I'm not sure if they should be the same price as the regular scrolls, however, perhaps 3x the cost (around 80k kinah each) would be fair? Thank you for the much needed improvement, however!
  12. What classes are being nerfed? Some are changing but it’s mostly for the better. Painter is top DPS but they only have 1 defensive skill. And their range can be abused by the other classes and have no speed boost.
  13. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    The stigma enchantment stones only lower your stigma -1 or 0, essentially the same as the event.
  14. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    Took thousands of combined stigmas and billions of kinah to get all of mine to +9 in 5.8. Welcome to Aion bro. In 7.0 rates get raised to 35% I believe for +9 instead of 20%.
  15. Weaving in 6.5?

    I mean if you're not timing your buffs with weaving, then you're doing it wrong. Cap is 50% attack speed, with my 18% red weapon, 21% attack speed transformer and my 4% title I'm at 43%. With candy I'm at 46%, that's without 20% from flurry. It's entirely possible to get close to cap without flurry. By not using devotion or other buffs, you're killing your DPS lol. And yes, weaving is still mandatory for sins in pve, and in pvp is still situational.