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  1. Pandora gear

    Crafted gear is better than Pandora gear, you have the best stats without having to roll them. And the max values from the rollable stats are even worse. No need to buff anything on them.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    GP quests? Those are already fixed unless I’m missing something...
  3. Weaving in 6.5?

    My offhand for pve is a +15 master harvester, with power +7/8s. Idk how you spam skills without having them on CD, but for me it’s impossible (unless you’re really low attack speed). Before, I had a master harvester dagger and pvp red dagger offhand. Its definitely mandatory, you lower you damage if you don’t weave, unless you’re doing it incorrectly. the extra 4k-12k damage you get from weaves is much more than you would get from the bonus 300 physical attack you get from having two red weapons, which would only increase your base damage of your skill attacks by 1-2k.
  4. What a Shame

    Sorry but you’re incorrect lol. NCsoft did slightly lower the cast times on some transformations, but more than made up for it by increasing the run speed on these transforms, which is way more important in pvp. Plus with the chanter OJ buff, it’s reduced cast times even more for pve. plus if you have a gold xform, your cast speed is already higher than it was in 5.8. Max on gloves was 9%, scroll was 9% so even 18% cast speeds are better.
  5. Weaving in 6.5?

    Weaving is still mandatory for sins. I think most sins are running 1 old weapon 1 new weapon because you only get base physical damage from 1 weapon whether it’s mainhand or offhand, so your weaves are still high on one hand. Plus devotion is useful. Plus sins don’t have enough skills to spam their skills. 30-35% of my damage still comes from auto attacks. In pvp, I tend to only weave during stun locks with devotion up. Weaving for the other classes is less clear. If you’re near attack speed cap, then weaving is possible, but not sure if it boosts DPS, especially as your physical attack increases. My glad uses a purple greatsword, and I spam skills, but I still end up doing some auto attacks (usually about 15-20% of my damage). Chanters should still weave if you’re near capped attack speed.
  6. Screenshot capacity

    Thanks for interesting tidbit
  7. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    Nah GP should remain a siege only thing. Arena has nothing to do with GP, and should remain that way.
  8. New EU world drop.

    Bottling already exists. Fact is that no one is grinding open world because guiding stone drops are ridiculous right now. Gold pve stones wouldn’t be an incentive (I have 600 stacked now). I wouldn’t mind calling it to just pve stones, though. None of these materials are brokeable either, so botting wouldn’t be an issue anymore than it is now. Stones for morphing isn’t the limiting factor, experience is. This would provide more incentive to farm for regular players, pretty simple. Which would hopefully drive down the price of guiding stones and make pvp more active.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Is there going to be any compensation in the mean time? You understand this completely stops progress on a major part of the game.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    So no fix the AP issue? Is this a nyerking joke?
  11. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    @Cyan this is just a really big nyerk up to a core game system, it's honestly one of the worst ones I've seen. How did this get past QA? I understand that it takes time to analyze an issue and come up with a fix, but based on your previous reply it didn't seem you guys were taking it seriously. The only fair thing would be once you guys find a fix is to restart the season (still give people rewards), and also gives compensation rewards (maybe like 5 ultimate pvp stones + 10m AP for anyone who attended fort siege/did GP instances).
  12. KT not giving AP

    @Cyan this needs to be fixed nyerking now, it's ridiculous that we can't get AP and completely stops progress.
  13. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Lmao dat compensation. They’ll have more kinah than like half the people on the other servers.
  14. EK shutting down? (not a click bait title)

    Hopefully and delete any record of it.
  15. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Was basing it on this line: