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  1. 1. He doesn't know. 2. He doesn't know. 3. No. 4. No.
  2. Fighting fragments

    You’re not guaranteed a win by making a premade, but it gives you a way higher chance to win since you won’t have afk people hopefully in your group. I go with the same 2 people everyday, and we win the majority though we lose sometimes.
  3. Ranger Skill Silencing Strike not working?

    Silence means you can't use buffs or magical skills, does not effect attacks. For example, gunners can still use a good amount of their skills and pretty much all attacks are available for all physical classes. You have to "Bind" them to keep them from using physical attacks.
  4. [Youtube - H. Ello] [AION 7.2] Changes to Crafting

    How many ancient alcemium do you get from the bosses? Are there any changes to the manastone crafts that make it easier? Just cutting the ancient alcemium is going to kill alcemium coming into the game. Is there a way to convert legendary/ultimate alcemium to ancient? thanks
  5. Assassins DPS concern

    No, Vandals are highest DPS even when sins are buffed. Some glads are comparable to end game sins but it's rare.
  6. Assassins DPS concern

    Sins are still one of the highest DPS classes, but Vandal is way better even with lesser gear. On my vandal who doesn't have any manastones socketed I do 30% more DPS than my full ultimate sin. Sorcs are still high DPS, just depends on the sorc
  7. More Ways to Acquire Fighting Spirit

    There’s more ways today to get fragments than ever before. You can craft, do Camps to buy gear, and also do the instances. IB is probably the easiest way, just don’t QE, try to get a group of your friends to do it with everyday. You can always craft as well.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    There aren’t 100 people of your same class. Ultimates drop about half the time, plus all of them drop purples which extend. 32 bosses spawn a week plus any that you can get from legion spawned bosses. So yes, it does mean accessible to me.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    Extendable weapons are more accessible now than ever. Just gotta get dem world bosses buddy.
  10. Demaha Fortress Siege

    There were already too many mobs, but they added a bunch more in the throne room to keep kiskers from getting back there. hopefully if we get that fix, they’ll remove the extra mobs.
  11. What's the problem with the boss Anomos?

    Last night the Elyos definitely had more people, there was a disjointed alliance of asmo pugs and the Nod ally only had 12 people. Fatbad and me xformed, he got aggro and I pvped the Elyos off as best I could. We were surprised we got the drop, we figured you guys had it.
  12. What's the problem with the boss Anomos?

    It "slides" to the asmos because we build up a shit ton of DPS and pvp the elyos off of him.
  13. Full Ataque o Full crítica

    I'd say physical attack for PVE and crit for pvp. Attack for the consistent damage in pve, crit for the ability to knockdown in pvp.
  14. Demaha Siege

    To be fair, you did hit him for 228k damage, he was just seeing how much you like getting hit for 1/3 of that 😤😤😤
  15. Sin or Glad?

    Keybinds are pretty much mandatory on physical classes except for long CD buffs, with a few exceptions. Casters can get away with not having as many keybinds because they have long cast times. In general, sins have easier time vs casters because they can go close in hide and also have the best distance closing skills. Sins also have resist skills and more slow/removals, and passive 20% run speed. but obviously skill/gear plays a huge role.