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  1. @Cyan Alter Siege feedback

    Unfortunately there are a limited amount of altars. 8 isn’t very many when there are 6 primary legions between both factions. There isn’t enough elite DPS spread across the factions to make it balanced. Once the large altars are opened, you’ll probably see some smaller legions take medium or small altars because there will be more opportunity.
  2. Don’t be nyerking thick, it wasn’t added until hours after the server had been up well into the evening.
  3. where can I get this

    Primeth Forge
  4. Fix enchantment rates!

    I was able to + 4 ancient pieces to 15 using ancient stones to +13 then using legendary. Only used 12 legendary stones to do it.
  5. did you got it guys?

    It hasn’t been announced yet.
  6. did you got it guys?

    No, it was extended because we didn’t have the extra character slots yet.
  7. Compensation on my STONES!!!

    I get my legendaries to 12 then use ultimates. Don’t try to +15 a legendary using only legendary, that’s just dumb. You only have a 2.5% chance (slightly better if you get a +2) for it to work.
  8. Looking for some glad tips

    Stigmas for pve is personal, for me personally I decided that for pve I like to focus more on single target DPS so I run earthquake wave, lockdown, sharp strike, draining blow, sure strike and Draining sword. You can also switch to aoe spec, changing sharp strike, sure strike and draining sword to exhaustion wave, severe precision cut and whirling strike. You’ll output a lot more DPS in groups of mobs but be slightly lacking in single target DPS boss fights. For pvp, I’d personally use great sword because of the faster attack speed, but if you go for PA you won’t have any competition for people trying to get a combine except other glass. As far as your order to upgrade stuff, it’s usually weapon first then boots because of the run speed. Then I like to go to for the biggest pieces first. Wings, chest piece, necklace, helmet etc.
  9. vandal

    FREE Vandal’s Gear Pack Reward To celebrate the launch of Aion: Mark of the Vandal, we’re offering a FREE Vandal’s Gear Pack to eligible players who log in to the game when the update goes live on August 21 until midnight on August 28. The free reward will be distributed to players on August 30 The Vandal’s Gear Pack includes the following items:
  10. You can convert the new mats to the old mats at 1:1 ratio, this will be advantageous for mass crafting for spirit fragments since the new designs are much harder.
  11. Where are all the quests?

    With the release of 6.0 they streamlined the leveling process and there are very few light blue quests. Focus on primarily the dark blue quests and campaigns.
  12. Old Ridium New Etium

    Ridium is still needed for the pvp stone morph recipes.
  13. Upgrading new gear

    There is no way to exchange Ridium for Etium, just fyi.
  14. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    He actually got it in 48 minutes and 27 seconds of gameplay. He took a coffee + bathroom break for nearly 13 minutes!