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  1. @Kibbelz thank you for providing a better solution in a short turn around time. I apologize for the overly negative feedback that you received attacking your character or intelligence when you're clearly just trying to be fair. I commend the grace you're able to handle these kind of situations and maintaining an open form of communication with the community.
  2. Kibbelz that's quite frankly a terrible solution. You should just provide everyone the contract instead of removing it from the players who already got it. For example I got 2 of the clever hanbok pixels and then combined, and then got a different contract (valiant) from the shop. What you're trying to do is going to be way too complicated and it's not going to end up well. You can only get 1 contract from the event anyways due to the key only being available once.
  3. @Kibbelz are the event coin bundles for logging for Lugbug dailies no longer being given out? Were they removed on purpose? You can only get 1 anyways, you can get 50 of the coins pretty easily.
  4. Nah lol, they shouldn't roll back for 1 transformation which is easy to get anyways.
  5. @Kibbelz @Loki were the daily coin bundles we were getting from each toon supposed to be removed? I thought they were going to be permanent?
  6. Guys, the advanced stigma bundle is not class specific, so you can do the guaranteed crafts on your alts, if you're looking for advanced stigmas.
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