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  1. @Kibbelz this daeva pass is a joke. Please at least add coins back and the running/attack/cast speed scrolls.
  2. You’re an idiot. Israphel was completely Elyos dominated from 2.5 until it was merged into Danaria. 3.0 they dominated Tiamaranta and regularly locked out Asmos of the eye. 4.0 they regularly controlled all the major forts except Gelk. It wasn’t until the servers merged into Danaria that it became somewhat balanced. At best, the asmos fought back at times, like in the early 4.0 days, but the Elyos always had an advantage and the server was never Asmo dominated, ever.
  3. @Kibbelz The "Zudra's gift box" does not contain: [Event] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 Types) or [Event] Berdin's Lucky Star (x6) Might want to update the post on that.
  4. @Kibbelz some of the support staff are trying to make people use restoration tokens to move the boxes to the appropriate toon. The delivery system (through mail) makes it so you can’t choose which toon to get it on. It’s ridiculous that we should have to restoration token to transfer it to the character we want since it wasn’t dictated to us how the toon would be selected it would go to in the promotion details. This seemingly random selection and the delivery should allow us to be able to have the contract box moved to any toon we want without having to use a restoration token. In t
  5. @Kibbelz will we be able to choose which toon on our accounts get the Minion S Contract Salvage box?
  6. Hello @Kibbelz thanks for making the post. First: it appears as though the morph recipes for enchantment stones are gone, can we please get those back? Second: Siege time appears to have reverted back to 9 PM Server time, which is 1 hour later than the community wanted. Third: The +12 stigma reward is missing from the Candy Galaxy bundle. Can this be corrected? Thanks.
  7. Run speed cap for all classes is 12.0. Otherwise I'd be running at 16.5run speed with my Kaisinel on my sin.
  8. @Kibbelz thank you for providing a better solution in a short turn around time. I apologize for the overly negative feedback that you received attacking your character or intelligence when you're clearly just trying to be fair. I commend the grace you're able to handle these kind of situations and maintaining an open form of communication with the community.
  9. Kibbelz that's quite frankly a terrible solution. You should just provide everyone the contract instead of removing it from the players who already got it. For example I got 2 of the clever hanbok pixels and then combined, and then got a different contract (valiant) from the shop. What you're trying to do is going to be way too complicated and it's not going to end up well. You can only get 1 contract from the event anyways due to the key only being available once.
  10. Let's just say the data is accurate from myaion. Normally the boss will start to hit people after 8 mins, and only ATs/Temps can survive more than 2 auto attacks in a row. These people are using a certain flavored tool in order to fly above the boss so they can't be attacked.
  11. @Kibbelz are the event coin bundles for logging for Lugbug dailies no longer being given out? Were they removed on purpose? You can only get 1 anyways, you can get 50 of the coins pretty easily.
  12. Nah lol, they shouldn't roll back for 1 transformation which is easy to get anyways.
  13. @Kibbelz @Loki were the daily coin bundles we were getting from each toon supposed to be removed? I thought they were going to be permanent?
  14. You also tune magicdef/pdef on evasion set, not just evasion lol. Everyone knows that, that the data points to Evasion being the better set, it's close, but it's definitely better. Not to mention you can get an S rank minion with evasion and can't with block. Block doesn't outweigh evasion by any statistic.
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