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  1. Siege times and PVP windows

    @Cyan can we please get a response to this or at least a survey? Thanks
  2. Siege times and PVP windows

    @Cyan would it be possible to have the pvp windows and siege put back an hour? 11 PM EST for siege and 10 PM EST for PvP windows is just way too late for most weekday people. Moving it back an hour would be best. Thanks.
  3. Siege EK Lakrum

    Should just delete the server.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    Or doing 2 camps lmao. Seriously @Cyan what makes you guys think this is acceptable? I understand that changes are hard to make happen and take time. But adding 10 ancient pvp stones for over $40 is just a joke and you guys can’t honestly expect to buy those... right?
  5. Regarding Server Transfers

    Or you could just reroll instead of begging ncsoft to hold your hand.
  6. Returning player class choice

    Templars aren’t sought after this patch, every instance is easily tankable by DPS and Templar DPS is a hindrance on a party unless they’re elite geared. Glads are more sought after due to their higher DPS, but their DPS is bad until you gear at least full purple. Good SW, Clerics, and Chanters are sought after this patch, but only if they’re not bad. Sorcs and SMs are easily the best DPS if you’re able to get daevonion skills, but they’re also extremely common.
  7. Daevonion Skillbook

    @Cyan but Daevonion skillbooks on sale for $5 on the BCM, you guys wanna make money? That's how you do it. Thanks,

    You could always use Luna as well for additional AP. Next update won’t be for at least 6 more months, gives you plenty of time. It took nearly as long to get 80 ap gear 4.8 , and there was no way to get around it. Not the AP part of it, but the soul stones, you could get a max of like 55 a week
  9. I know there is at least 1 person with Kaisenel transform, Ozz from KT has it. You don’t need a legendary to reach old cap speeds, you only need an ancient xform. Attack speed capped at 39% without buffs last patch (19% weapon, 8% gloves, 9% scroll, 3% title). With fennec fox I have 41% but even with a 13 or 14% weapon speed you’d be at 35-38% minimum with medium level gear and an ancient xform. You do not need a legendary xform.
  10. 'Member when...

    If you wanted to be able to transfer, you shouldn't have re-rolled on a server that you knew was going to die...
  11. Oversea Aion might not have same patch as KR 6.5

    It is still effected by healing boost, but not shards.
  12. fighting spirits

    There is a quest with the prestige pack, or you can just craft...
  13. Craft Gear

    Pvp attack and defense are just a bonus to your actual attack and defense. For example, if you have 11k physical attack, 2k pvp attack (13k combined) and you attack someone who has 9k physical defense and 2k pvp defense(11k combined), your effective physical attack is 2k. Usually getting the better piece is better, primarily because the base states significantly increase. For example, I have +15 purple exchange dagger and a +0 red exchange dagger, I use the red one because the physical attack is much higher and more than makes up for the bonus pvp damage on the purple dagger.
  14. Morphing-The End Of The Lesser Faction

    The Elyos have even numbers to the Asmos on DN. And post has to do with getting ultimate pve stones, which has nothing to do with pvp or faction balance. +ing up a pve weapon literally does no additional damage in pvp.
  15. Weaving on 6.2

    All physical classes except maybe ranger should be weaving. Once you have an ancient attack speed xform, it’s pretty simple to weave.