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Client text updates 2019-10-09 (Combat Strings not involving self screwed up)

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Click here for US English client text changes

Various combat strings (Some of the STR_SKILL_SUCC_* strings) between two other combatants have been messed up.  Needs to be fixed

For example,

  • [%SkillCaster] inflicted %num0 damage on [%SkillTarget] by using [%SkillName].

Has changed to

  • You inflicted %num0 damage on [%SkillTarget] by using [%SkillName].

These are not attacks I made, yet the newly updated strings are saying I performed these attacks?

Affected strings (Please fix):

  • STR_SKILL_SUCC_NoReduceSpellATK_Instant_A_TO_B
  • STR_SKILL_SUCC_ProcATK_Instant_Ratio_A_TO_B
  • STR_SKILL_SUCC_SignetBurst_A_TO_B
  • STR_SKILL_SUCC_SkillATKDrain_Instant_A_TO_B
  • STR_SKILL_SUCC_SkillATK_Instant_A_TO_B
  • STR_SKILL_SUCC_SpellATKDrain_Instant_A_TO_B
  • STR_SKILL_SUCC_SpellATK_Instant_A_TO_B

Upcoming Content

More strings update for future Demaha event.


Click here for Traditional Chinese client text changes

New strings mostly for NA content (Returning Heros Event, 40 Fighting Spirit Fragment bundles) translated into traditional Chinese.

Edited by TheSecretCowLeve-KT

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