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Suggestions for PvP armor?


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I mainly play on a Cleric and I'm not 100% sure what direction I should be taking my armor into for PvP. :(

A good chunk of the time I'm running around by myself around Lakrum and in more DPS focused stigmas, so I was wondering if I should retune my armor like a wannabe sorc, but in legendary gear that would mean sacrificing lots of heal boost on my accessories and defences on my armor. Which doesn't help for when I'm the main healer in group PvP like ID/AD or just grouping up for camps or w/e. Right now my gear is about 60% Legendary Dark Talon, 40% Legendary Cloud War  (With an Ultimate Dark Talon Mace, and Ultimate Cloud War shoes/wings) and the new pieces that can be tuned basically just have random stats on them and nothing socketed. 

I would like to not be super squishy, but manage to hit more than 200 damage on people. I think part of the problem there is just not having much ultimate gear yet.


I really don't know what I should do! Should I retune my gear to have a bunch of defense and socket even more defense? If I go defense should I focus Magic/Physical or would a mix of both work? Should I socket heal boost? (The heal boost on my PvP set is actually kinda sad, but I'm working on getting legendary accessories I can retune with heal boost) Would it be a total waste to try and go for attack/acc/crit? Right now I do a little of everything in PvP just none of it particularly well, but I really hope I can fix that. Lol

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The first choice you have to make is if your going to be a healing and defensive pvp cleric or an offensive pvp cleric.

If defensive your going to want to be in a group for pvp. Setup for heal boost, hp, and then pick physical def or magic def.

If offensive solo and small group pvp then your going to want magic attack, magic accuracy.

You should not try to do both with one set of equipment. If you want to do both then you'll need to sets of equipment and switch out as desired.

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