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Killing time @neleth inspired.


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TL:DR - Had to kill 2 hours so made up my own version of Aion's 8.0 release over the past 2 hours.

Keep in mind this is done purely through systems NCsoft are already using like re-hashing content that has already been out before.

Dragons Rebirth
Beritra all along was playing us for fools leading us astray yet again to gain access to the fragments that are used by daeva's to get in to the abyss.  Opening trailer would be Beritra swooping in and taking the Herion and Beluslan(faction dependent cut scene) abyss dimensional portal fragments by force and using them to set up a portal at all the instance locations to bring back past dragons once defeated. In Addition to this you will get a snippet of the invasion bosses swooping in to land in Verteron and Altgard to secure locations to make extraction for those abyss fragments easier for Beritra. 

2 New PvP instances added - Verteron and Altgard 12 >48 players rotating from day to day. Premise of the instance is to win points off the invasion bosses and hold capture points crucial to keeping the invasion bosses from taking the abyss fragments. If the abyss fragments are successfully extracted by the invasion mobs both factions lose. Map changes depending on entry limit. 12 players = half the map rotating left half right half from day to day. 48 player day map is the full map.

8 new PvE instances added along with hardmodes - The Hardmode instance will follow the late 4.X system where you have to rift over to the other lands to gain Access to the hard mode.


New instances come new items from re-hashed lands elten and morehim and have new daeva sets. Modor's soul, Hyperion's engine and the dragon essences are needed to create an item. The items can later be infused with hard mode Enhanced Modor's soul,Engine and Essences to create the new daeva set. 
Each instance will have its own set designed around giving different benefits when upgrading to the daeva set. Example: Making the Tiamat set in to the Daeva set gives you extra sleep resist or Hyperion gives you extra damage reduction. This will give players a more diverse choice in item options that is not controlled by RNG skill skin systems. 
Sets are skinable and split up in to 4 sub sets Allowing for a mix and match system that allows you to design the character how you like. Cooldown for instances would be separate for NM and HM 1 daily or 2 daily if you have prestige(reset able through BCM).

PvP and PvE stones are now the same. No longer will progression be separated.
Manastones are obtainable through quests to kill open world mobs and have an upgrading system designed for 100% upgrade-able system. 3 yellow grade make 1 legendary grade, 5 legendary grade make 1 ultimate. Instances have the chance to drop random non engraved versions of manastones. Engraved manastones have been removed from the game all manastones are now trade-able.

Fortress Content
Untouched due to 8.2 being the Re-Assult on the abyss patch with plenty of fortress content being added in with a new PvP BiS PvP set being added. New medal's and a new currency added to obtain the gear so no amount of pre-patch preperation can give you an advantage in obtaining any of the new gear.
After the beritra fight you will get a snippit of the abyss and how it has changed after ereshkigal's wrath reaped havoc on the lands. Gives us a new glimps of what will be later known as Fregion's hide out in 9.0.

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