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Hungry Hatchlings - can't find Zudra

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Subj. I came to  Stellusia main square, as the event promised "In the Stellusia Main Square, you’ll find Zudra standing by, waiting to evolve your Stormwing Hatching!". "Don’t fret, there’s plenty of time to raise your Hatchling. Hungry Hatchings will run until May 27, so be sure to offer a helping hand before it’s too late."  Where is Zudra? The search gives "unable to locate Zudra".  

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She's close to the teleporter for your faction in Stellusia.

For Asmodians: Search for Marghetta, then walk past the steps and you'll see Zudra

For Elyos: Search for Luinas and do the same as above.

There's usually large groups of people standing by important NPCs. Look where people tend to congregate.

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