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Proc recipes for PVE


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@Cyan tell your friends in Korea that we love the proc recipes for the Gilded items in Aetherforging, we are still waiting for the proc recipes for the Soldusk ones too.

Getting pvp items is so easy now, even Dark Talon is achievable pretty fast due to etiums and spirit fragmetns being account wh storable. Crafted pvp gear is also easy to get with some effort for titania fragments predominantly but also bloodmark set is pretty good as well and super fast to get because the boxes are also account wh storable, like you can make a whole set in 1~2 days if you really dedicate yourself for it and have enough alts in the account to farm bloodmarks.

BUT we are still short on pve items, the 7.x patch is just like 6.2, awful for pve drops and item acquisition.

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