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Renown system, post your stats and thoughts about it.


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Was this the 3rd week after 7.5? I lost the counting.


So I understand why renown has to exist and why having higher stats is good (because you can get exclusive items while high in fame in an area). But I am slacking on it really fat.

  • Inggison and Silentera will remain forever 0 in my list. Aint nobodi got tyme fo dis. Silentera was always cancer as map both in design and in ganging. I do not do invasive pvp only passive when I find an enemy in my route and I have stopped doing sieges since last year, about May 2019 when I was last a Governor for some time. I do nto want to play an outdated class and have a title and die like shit so the whole server can get the message that I died somewhere! Along with the fact I am even more of a soloer now, going to Inggison is out of question for me.
  • Lakrum goes up pretty fast due to the genesis crystal weeklies which matter more than anything else because you can get your beautiful butt some genesis ulti items to extract and if you have the solvent for accessories you can get the dust to enchant runes. The quests also are pretty generous with FXP.
  • Katalam.... I personally didn't even bother with it enough during 7.2 which was the patch for it. It was implemented so late that I was already full DT+15 so I had no reason to bother getting me bloodmarks. I most likely won't even go back there ever from now on. It is infested with gang groups and I am a soloer and I see no profit from going there. I got that fame thing there the first days when I went there to check if there was anything new... and there wasn't anything new lol!
  • Demaha is worse than Katalam, you get the stellium and the map is worse in ganging than Katalam. And apart from using stellium for the pvp bonus as a buff, what else do you need those for? I have about 700 of them since 3 months ago when I stopped visiting it. That would be enough for quite some time.
  • Gelkmaros is kinda hard to get renown unless I missed something. The quests for it give little fame XP, the titan coins you get from the quests is ridiculously low (I could kill 20 mobs and get me like 2~3 times more titan coins that bothering with a quest). And everything revolves around... titan coins which are already second grade necessity. You buy gear with them that sucks

They need to stop implementing "new things" that are already outdated before they even get implemented.\


How I feel about it?:
I feel it is created quite hard though. Not only you need to keep up with 6 regions, you also lose a ton of it every week if your renown level is high. I do not know the percentage you lose every week, but whatever it is, I still can't even get me to level 7 in Lakrum where I do spend some time and do every quest possible so imagine being level 9 how hard it is to keep up with the loss. I do not really need it level 9 in Lakrum though, the items sold are irrelevant to my needs, just saying.

BUT XP extractors require a ton of XP and the developers made sure nothing gives XP anymore. You have some things that cost you 10x or 20x experience marks! 20 experience marks for example is 10 time filling your XP bar!

(how about an event that we can get berdin lucky stars like we got so many times? I wouldn't mind that lolz)

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Not sure if the weekly loss at 6 is over 30% loss or i also lost double this week as well. 

System lacks. Altho i am sure if you do grind it out it may feel rewarding if you need something towards new end game progression items relevant to this patch. Being behind i do not see what this system does to improve the game. Beyond this the mobs being buffed make it even more tedious. 

General thoughts it adds nothing to the game as a whole and is just an even larger time sync to keep people playing the game. If you behind playing more than one character is still more beneficial than playing one character.

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