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Hey lowkey god (Loki)


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I think we all appreciate the direction made to preserve the +12 safe spot even after the event. It would have separated us from every other region, for the worse. 


Admittedly blunt, I say this with respect for everyone working at NCSoft NA, as I do genuinely appreciate the efforts made by all staff even though corporate isn't always healthy. The jobs you and your peers hold will be NCSoon™ gone. The push to ensure we are regionally equal at a +12 safe spot was amazing, but in our region, we need more to ensure stability. Without it, the revenue won't be there. 

It's very clear that NCSoft isn't after profits, or to make money, as their entire business model suggests another story. I'd advocate a safespot after every +3 levels, until +15 for stigmas. I'd also suggest a wide variety of other things for the game and the community, but I know the current authority and limitations are vastly different than that of when the game launched. 

I know what authority and abilities the NCSoft Staff had in the past, but not now. I'm not assuming you can do much of anything, but for the sake of yourself and your peers, I ask for you and your team to push for more regional changes to accurately fit the player-base. 


There have been positive changes for the direction of NCSoft NA, and I'd like for us as a region and a community to continue that. 



Also respect for the Mr. Freeze ;

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