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Plz Fix WB Timer! 90% WBs Spawn Between 1AM - 8AM NA Time


Change Demaha WBs Spawn Time  

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  1. 1. Change Demaha WBs Spawn Time

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    • Yes and make them sever base spawn

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Please please fix the spawn time for Demaha WBs. About 80-90% of the time the WBs spawn between 1AM to 8AM in my time zone (east cost) and I'm sure other North American time zones feel the same. This is when everyone is asleep and there aren't a lot people on to kill the bosses. Only a select few hard core players or players from across the ocean are up to camp for the bosses. Can you please fix the timer where the spawn around 5PM - 8PM in the afternoon similar to 7.3? Also, can you please please move the WBs to server base? The cross server WBs raid are dividing factions and causing war within the elyos and asmos legions. People are fed up with the drama and are quitting because of that. If you really care about $$, please fix this soon. The competition is not even that fun anymore. It's 191 elyos from 4 different big legions competing for one weapon? How about increase the HP for Omega, Rag and SC WBs and have them drop the same gear? That way players from smaller legions have a chance to get them. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

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