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Gem/rune/accessories sanctification cost


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For those who don't know but when enchanting gems or runes, it is either success(+1), fail (-1) or go corrupt(10% chance).Going corrupt means that you can not enchant it unless you purify it to remove its corruption state. Each time it goes corrupt, it adds on the the sanctification count. A fresh rune/gem is 0. When it fails, it goes corrupt and after purifying to remove its corrupt state, it then becomes 1 sanctification. I don't find it a problem repairing them to enchant but there are problems. 



Those potions to purify are difficult to get. As you can see from the picture, theres none for reference. Can you guess how many potions is needed? Apparently not, unless you have one. 


From 0-1, your first fail.. it cost 4 potions

1-2 is 6?

2-3 not sure but 8 or 10?

then you can see in the picture, 3-4 cost 16. 

And this is only for shining gemstones and it could vary by grade.  Yeah, its expensive but doesn't tell you before hand how much it cost if you don't have the "only"? item to purity corrupt gems/runes. Thats stupid. It cost just as much (bcm,ingame resources) just to removes the corruption state as to enchanting it. 


Accessories and feather accessories has the same sanctification count as gemstones. I'm guessing each count is when you refine the gem/rune slot. And for the cost.. better off farming new accessories and opening the slot if they're the same as runes/gems, using that item for accessories. 


Good luck enchanting your dazzlings.

Pictures not working so.....

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