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  1. Aion Equipment System Update

    Makes no sense..... KR got 6.0 w/o any previews, which is why they got the exchange. Why should other regions get the same treatment knowing how useless current gear is in the next update....
  2. Aion Equipment System Update

    Be happy these late players get something for investing into current gear. Im wondering what use is it to have spent 8b on 2 harps, 40b on the old apollon set and 40b+ on aetherforging when they came out, then to be replaced by something 2x better and cost 1/10 to enchant.
  3. Aion Equipment System Update

    Good thing KR had this exchange info early so I could decide if I wanted to enchant anything over +15 for 6.0... glad I didn't lol.
  4. Returning player looking for some info!.

    Pocket change.
  5. missing out on 1k+ gp

    From all these abusive kicks from evergale. Who the hell asked for this shit?
  6. Shaky Hands Trouble in PvP

    Lifting weights might stop it a little....
  7. A Simple Question.

    Thought I bought enough stigmas to get the main set I used to +9 but nope. Easily got the useless stigmas( a few of them) to +8 and +9. So maybe 1 more event........
  8. Fastest players NA

    This happened already when it came out...
  9. Kicking people in EC is allowed, comfirmed

    Isn't this what people asked for? If i know who kicked me from any game, i would kick them right before a game ends if we were on the same alliance, and that is if i'm paying attention lol.
  10. Hopefully, i could get 2 +9 stigma set with the next one
  11. Cannot regist Xingecode Module

    Windows update... lol
  12. Commander Soulstones... from pve?

    Remember when EB was the only way to gear up and 90% of the players couldn't do it?
  13. only to be nyerking kicked 4 nyerking times? are you nyerking serious?
  14. 6.0 is coming in few months....

    almost everyone who posted didn't know about it.. we'll see how this new one goes.