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  1. attackings landing past walls and delayed hits hitting beyond skills attack range. really fun nyerking pvp huh
  2. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Why do we still care about how people are playing this game?
  3. IB arena

    Why the nyerk can we get stuck in the nyerking floor? 2nd time it happen cost me a 1 vs 3 win. nyerking waste of cd and time
  4. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Skill/1539 https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Skill/3547 Skills that used to only work on certain elements now work for all skills a nerf? Reason why skill damage and cds were adjusted.
  5. They still are if you know how to gear and play them right.
  6. Pandora gear on alts

    You can farm those shells or w/e from the normal mobs in the water area.
  7. Why does it still cost $2 to retune?
  8. Daevanion Skills Enchant Rates

    Assuming use a legendary book along with 3 ancients is 100% legendary output, its probably meant to switch skill books.
  9. Relying on certain classes for a successful run is a pretty bad idea.
  10. Open world PVP worth coming back for?

    If you're not at speed cap no point.
  11. pandora gear

    It'll take 6 weeks. When completing a quest, it'll overlap the next.
  12. Its not that hard getting in....
  13. Pandora gear on alts

    Ik. I did the quest in 2 days. But for alts that will take for ever killing 25 mobs x 4 times x 3 for the quest would take a while. Simplest way is to do the easiest of the quests available.
  14. Pandora gear on alts

    Easy to do but will take several weeks. Do the messenger quest.(1) Do the gathering quest (3) it'll take 2 and a half weeks for each piece. Ultimate gear is the same thing. Do the messenger quest for an item (2) Then do the gathering quest (2 weekly) rewarding 1 item and a choose-able item. You need 7 of 3 items for each part of the quest. Like 3 weeks per quest? Could also substitute other quests to speed things up, like open boxes, kill bollvig etc.
  15. FM and Bos are far worse. Going in there with lakrum gear.. wtf