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  1. 8.0 is crap with all the little things from previous patches all piling up.
  2. When forum threads is more interesting than the game.
  3. How do you know I spent that much retuning? Also, billions is pocket change if you're asking. Second, i'm not asking for this buff to be removed. Where are you getting that form?
  4. inc personal attacks oly? source?
  5. yeah. bringing it up before it magically disappears. Whats your reason to try and keep it in game? keep hiding it and using it in bare sight?
  6. And before that when the buff only came once a year benefiting those who has gear to retune. If you look farther, when 8.1 and beyond comes and they ninja patch this buff, how are you going to complain that its gone even though its not intended? Or bring it to attention to keep it permanently when it currently is in game. This community can't be this retarded right?
  7. yeah.. like the amount of rubbish gear for absurd inflated price in broker currently, its not like players can afford the old retune price
  8. Sure it does. someone getting their perfect stat for virtually no cost. then someone months ago had to spend 1-2b on it. sounds fair right? Then currently, getting perfect stat for no cost, then unannounced buff goes away and anyone who didn't get their armor piece to use during this buff would have to pay out of their own pocket. whos it hurting now?
  9. You sound mad that this buff that benefits you could be going away. Only if. Like when they announce the xp/drop buff for every weekend after like 7.8,yet how long has it been missing? Going back to the previous example, if the bank deposits 1m in to your bank by "mistake", you're not going to question how it got there and spend it?
  10. If you're referring to me, i haven't played seriously for months. If you didn't correct for a bank mistake, you'll probably be charged with something if for what ever reason is found out. Pretty sure the same thing "would" happen here. NC banning players for their own fault. Its not like its not happened right? Idk what you're referring to in the 2nd part but if you're for fair game play, you would be asking for this to be permanent too.
  11. Yeah... kinda like asking for the Drop/xp buff weekends that has been missing for months.
  12. You must not know who you're talking to. I asked for 1 kinah retuning to be permanent months ago. I would rather it be announced than something thats accidentally left in game.
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