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  1. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    Free ap for feeding the other team free pvp materials is enough only if they finish the game instead of wasting the other teams time for waiting out the whole game for their "reward" Games like this should have ended as soon as the other team leaves. or even better, give out the stones the the game is finished. If you don't acknowledge the problem, the GG on making the game worse. And when games are 10 pm est, waste of $15 a month.
  2. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    You mean its a waste of time free feeding pvp materials? Clearly why the game is so dead and has so many cheaters around.
  3. Should seriously be removed. Why go in and not even finish the game and still be rewarded?
  4. The veilenthrone

    Is it that hard or is it because players don't know how to play and gear their characters correctly?
  5. Prestige pvp quest

    nice joke lul
  6. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    Event is a waste of time if you don't have gear.
  7. Prestige pvp quest

    How do you know im Asmo?
  8. Prestige pvp quest

    Bots aren't always there when i go check. you mean like disciplines, harmony, id Ib kc that doesn't count towards the quest? I only get half of them done at sieges..
  9. Prestige pvp quest

    Should work in instance pvp just like the gp quest. Any quest should work like that why the nyerk don't they? theres nothing to even kill to complete the quest in a timely manner....
  10. Any restrictions creating an account and playing for foreigners?
  11. 2nd Kaisinel

    Why I don't take this game seriously lol.. no skill game.
  12. What was wrong the old siege mechanics?

    You're right, its all about who values what more. Theres fort rewards and GP from mobs. What if none of these were giving during siege. Would anyone go? If sieges were actually fun and not give out rewards like it does now, would people still go to it? just like harmony and disciplines, why were people begging for seasonal rankings back in discipline and harmony? isn't it for the 1v1 and 3v3 or rigging the rankings for cheap easy rewards? 50 first places in harmony is a joke. So you have to ask, it is about the siege or the siege rewards? The ones going for ranks obviously don't care about fort rewards which is at least 30+ on each faction and thats only a small part of the population. They would have to do all their gp quests everyday to be there. It does show cares about the siege when we see xforming before the siege starts right? But then again, why did it take 5+ months to give out pvp crafting material out evenly to both dominating and weak faction? I'll take my 10 mins siege reward.
  13. What was wrong the old siege mechanics?

    How exactly do you know? Whats the problem with going to siege solo for 5,10-15 mins and getting maxed reward?
  14. Add FM portal to north faction base

    Right and this isn't the point of this thread.
  15. What was wrong the old siege mechanics?

    Which isn't the siege itself. its then gp farming.