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  1. Just Bragging

    Its negative because its true?
  2. We have this or have unlimited enchantment levels where a few can get +37 some how...
  3. Just Bragging

    Playing on certain factions is a given to be able to do all that.
  4. Scrolls will just be deleted?

    I'm just glad 6.0 is so close... Already spent and wasted tons of stuff on stuffs that getting removed/useless. Time for a "fresh" start.
  5. Kinah exchange cap for 6.0

    They already screwed it up adding the exchanged gear....
  6. Kinah exchange cap for 6.0

    Either if you want a cap or not, I'm just asking if there is one.
  7. Kinah exchange cap for 6.0

    And you still think kinah cap is still equal to gold bar cap?
  8. Is there one? Also.. gold bar cap?
  9. All you need to know before 6.2!

    What do get for Blood marks, coins, medals? Kr got an exchange for these?
  10. All you need to know before 6.2!

    Are the minion grade changed? like all grade A is 50k points and B is 10k, or is everything turned to grade A and is it better to upgrade now than save these contract scrolls and wait?
  11. NPC selling limit before 6.2

    Idk about you but have you tried crafting the 300p armor (skins) where the mats only came from world bosses? Each mat was 30-50m ea depending on which one it is and how often are the bosses killed? and if any of them came from events. If these players never "hoarded" these mats, they would never get these armor skins. What I'm referring to in my post is the amount of incomplete crafts because of shorts of supply, going all the way back to the 1.5-3.0 skins too where they had 3 grades of material and those are even more rare since most of the population is at end game. The millions(even billions) spent on these and if they are short on mats, its literally worth 0 if the item can't be crafted, almost the same as not being able those supplements, since its kinah wasted instead of being earned.
  12. All you need to know before 6.2!

    So.... no more Rank 1 and 2 on DN elyos? lol
  13. NPC selling limit before 6.2

    Close to equal value as people who hoarded crafting mats that disappear along with the next update.