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  1. No reasons to do pve when you are geared

    ^overall to be more efficient.
  2. No reasons to do pve when you are geared

    Uh.. no. Theres +15 where 99% of the stats come from.
  3. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    Got the hair skin on the first heart I opened, checked the broker for the price and couldn't find any and tossed it in the wh.
  4. Something needs to be done about PvE

    Don't forget classes that share sets like cloths and 99% of the times there is x2 cloths per group.
  5. Enchanting 1-Hand weapon vs 2-Hand weapon

    Always been like that. Thats probably why daggers? have a 2.2x crit multiplier.
  6. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    You can go 5 runs w/o a contract....
  7. 7.0 Winged Champion Gear > Tier 2 Ultimate

    No. Only genesis gear can be upgraded. The crafted stays as is.
  8. ID

    Deaths doesn't reset "damage" dealt to kunax?
  9. Arena of Harmony | Queue Into Your Alts

    Isnt that what people wanted? You could check rankings as soon as the arena ends and can see who you fought/lost/ win against. Gratz to those free wins who won when paired against me because of the absolute morons i'm always paired up with. There were suggestions on pairing up matches that might fix rigging matches but yeah... 99% gear carried game.

    Don't forget the fragments needed to upgrade to the new pvp sets in 7.0.

    Real pvp gear? what? All 3 sets turned into one set in 7.0 if its +15. no need to spend any extra resources.
  12. Gear is outdated at this point. 100% drop for legendary enchantment stones for everyone doing pf/idd 100% drop for contract scroll in all instances
  13. The current cycle and how it can be improved

    Don't need any more pve instance camping.... just increase the yield from deing pvp gear.