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  1. Hopefully, i could get 2 +9 stigma set with the next one
  2. Cannot regist Xingecode Module

    Windows update... lol
  3. Commander Soulstones... from pve?

    Remember when EB was the only way to gear up and 90% of the players couldn't do it?
  4. only to be nyerking kicked 4 nyerking times? are you nyerking serious?
  5. 6.0 is coming in few months....

    almost everyone who posted didn't know about it.. we'll see how this new one goes.
  6. 6.0 is coming in few months....

    Riots.... lol like it changes anything. Did we get any previous exchanges that KR got? Like those alpha,beta,gamma stones to enchantment stone dust in 5.0? no...? GL with omegas and temp hoarding
  7. 6.0 is coming in few months....

    How do we know we're getting that exchange?
  8. Daeva dash fix

    Just like the cost of Tia event items. the players aren't forced to accept the prices and can ignore the event if it doesn't fit them, which 99% of the community did. As with evergale where the kick option was re added, some were happy and some weren't. NC decides what they want to do and players will adjust their game play to match whats is given to them. I, myself didn't like that change and haven't queued in in a couple weeks, but is it still active? yeah for those that the kick option didn't effect. Depending on how much and what type of feed back, nc decides what gets changed or not. WE mainly saw people oppose the kick option but is it removed yet? no. No one liked the price change for the TIA event but it was NC that decides the prices of those items . Remember the snowball event? it was 8 snowball per day for 2? events, now we only get 2. Did anyone complain that 8 was too many? why was it lowered to 2 w/o player feedback? Did anyone say anything about the first batch of prices for the TIA event? only after NC realizes it was too good? I found ways to enjoy the game w/o events feeding me free stuff. And what is 6.0 going to do to that? Kill alts running events feeding their mains, like myself who made like 20b+ from this event but what would I do in 6.0 then? ADJUST to the game play. How many did the snake event over daeva dash? I probably turned in the snake event 3 times because i had to afk a bit and couldn't do daeva dash. Like why i did daeva dash over the snake event like almost everyone else becuase of better stuff? So if any event started giving out........... "junk", you really don't have to participate in the event just like the snake event during daeva dash. Don't like 2 snowballs daily? don't do it. Don't like the new Tia prices? don't do it. Don't like getting 3 keys for afking? LOL DON'T DO IT. After NC decided to fix the tia event prices, why did people blame those who "farmed" 24/7 because they can, instead of blaming the extremely low prices that NC mistakenly set for those items? If NC decides that a team must cross the end to get 6 keys, changing from the system we have now, whos to blame? Me for pointing out a problem? The loads of 80 alt characters? or a game mechanic that NC didn't see the first time? Also wait for my 6.0 release suggestion amost no one will like lol
  9. Daeva dash fix

    And adding a point system to acquire more keys is a problem? for who? free loaders? sounds like a system fix.
  10. New godstones

    Anyone test the out yet? how does the 4% 9k dmg one work in pvp? Does any attack wake up the target after being slept with the sleep godstone?
  11. Daeva dash fix

    Still defending or what? Both teams that don't finish the race but one some how gets 6 keys afking? or should they get 0? i don't think it matters what types of games you play in or if any afkers bothers your team or not. What matters is if the minimum requirement for the reward is reached or not. How many EC games end because of time running out and not reaching 4k points? probably none. If both teams decide not to play for some reason and not reach 4k points, should any of them get the soulstone reward? how is this different from daeva dash? the objective is to get to the end of the race first/fastest, and if no one does that they should still get 6 keys?
  12. Daeva dash fix

    Hacks, bugs, lazys aren't the problem. not finishing the race as the top team getting 6 keys is. 1 the competition rank at the end isn't the same as the individual score in game. The overall competition score reward is just a bonus. You can do 100+ runs to get the 96k points and probably not come in first in any of the races. The in game current score should determine what you can get as a reward based on how many points you get. Scoring 100 points shouldn't yield 6 keys. 2 getting to the end of a straight line isn't that hard to do. As long as those bugs, alternate ways are reported, NC can choose to change, fix or leave it alone as they feel.. and this leads to point 3 3 The first week, level 10s can enter... right? This itself already screwed those who spend the time BEFORE hand having leveling alts to 51+ and how many complained when this was fixed the 2nd week? Did it ruin the daeva dash? no except queue times were slightly longer. Im sure theres plenty who played the first few days until bugs were found, playing in instance the way it was meant to be played. Getting to the END of the race to claim 6 keys as first place. Then those started figuring out you can stay at your starting base and still get 6 keys. Why? 1800 points is the same as 100 points? If anything, staying at the base and getting 6 keys, the same as someone who went though the whole race to get 6 keys is whats ruining it. Sure you can still afk, thats not the problem, you'll just not get 6 keys for that. Idk why you keep bringing up bugs that have nothing to do with the reward, but i did have a suggestion in the first post. Get to the end to get 6 keys. And with that logic, why are you defending afkers getting 6 keys for nothing? what happened to wanting to kick afkers in evergale but rewarding people afking in an event instance?
  13. Daeva dash fix

    And to suggest fixing the real problem with afking, no one wants that? lolpls
  14. Daeva dash fix

    You need 4k points in evergale to make it worth your time. You quick queue in daeva dash 3 secs late and you have to spend 3-4 extra mins to make up for the easy 20 secs 240 points. Screwing team 2 for 3-4 mins of extra work just to pass team 1 where they are literally at the beginning of the course.. Whats wrong with changing the mechanics on how rewards are distributed? IF EB gave 35k ap and 4 medals just for going in, i wouldn't need to be gear checked, learning the instance, or playing the game. Why would anyone need 90k points for then for the same 35k ap and 4 medals? Again for SFT. You get 6? keys for killing kromede. You barely get 1 key killing the first golem boss. Why would you give them 6 keys just for entering the last room instead of doing the objective being, killing the last boss? Same goes for daeva dash. Hop the first fence for 6 keys or play till the end for 6 keys? Sure I agree the winner would get more than the loser, but to compare points, 100 = 1800? winners 100 points to losers 1800 points? There should be a minimal for giving 3 extra keys and that is not hoping the first fence for 100 points.