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  1. And now that we get it as pity, gotta spend more resource and rng just go get it.
  2. Still easier to have it 100% when combining 4 minions than this shit. Am I right?
  3. why the nyerk am i alwayds paired with some shitw ith ultimate transforms?
  4. Dazzling gem boxes Imbued weapon box Legendary transformation contract
  5. Sad.... quick xp nerf? Melons.. gone... waste of time farming... Yep dead game.
  6. Where the nyerk are the ultimate transforms that makes this game balanced?
  7. Do they even have one with no playerbase?
  8. 0 points.. entry bugged. Happens in ID and such when you enter real late. It also doesn't take an entry either.
  9. Sure is. Solo instance with rank rewards.
  10. In a game where theres like 100 decent active players?
  11. Good job on those group contents. Free feed, free rng for those who don't do shit at all.
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