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  1. what's wrong with divine fortress

    https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/5.8_Update_-_Abyss - Battlefield Kisks can only be placed at the gathering places inside the Core
  2. Broken Hearts Reward List

    Complain about how afkers get their stuf from EC w/o doing anything yet complaining about not getting free "OP" stuff from events.....
  3. Broken Hearts Reward List

    ^60 omegas and still not +20? nah.....
  4. Rate of stigmas

    If you're not enchanting your +7 into +1, you're doing it wrong.
  5. Power up Event

    Theres +11s on KR.
  6. 6.0 info

    Anyone refresh me on what you can buy with the gold bars?
  7. Mentoring?

    50 and under.
  8. I think an early release of 6.0 w/o the exchange of equipment that KR had would be a nice reward.
  9. Evergale time window

    Anyone got the times when its open?
  10. Otar asks...

    Doesn't seem like it when you're doing other things during the time window.
  11. Suggestions on Evergale Canyon's Queue Algorithm

    Too bad they fixed it in 6.0 where the losing side even with 0 points gets one upgrade mat to use upgrading ancient to legendary. Even before 5.8, the winning or losing side got one of the fragments regardless.
  12. Suggestions on Evergale Canyon's Queue Algorithm

    I've been 75 longer than 99% of the population so its not that.
  13. Suggestions on Evergale Canyon's Queue Algorithm

    You're saying i can control what damage my treble can do? why can't i do 6k like normal ones then? spend another 30b?
  14. Suggestions on Evergale Canyon's Queue Algorithm

    The assumption is that im bad, yet i haven't failed or was the possible cause of a failed instance. We should be talking about the ones joining groups when they have lots of interruptions during the run, afking when everyone is ready because thats a big waste of everyone time. As for EB when it was relevent, what other possible way was there to gear properly? w/o having faction influence
  15. Ofc not, you want people buying and using stigmas you're selling?