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  1. 7.0 Stream Screencaps

    Character slots will be expanded to 13, but only for Prestige holders (extra characters will not be deleted if you let Prestige expire) The last character that is created after prestige expires is locked or how does it work?

    99% gear carried
  3. This Event....

    You mean server balance needs a fix. guess where i'm at playing on the lesser faction of the server? managing my supply since we all konw its impossible to even finish the set while waiting everyone else waste their supply on something temporary because they have quick access to and now complaining about how they're not getting enough. The only fix here is 7.0 ,adding more access to supplies and in greater amount.
  4. This Event....

    Its not mandatory to participate in every event...
  5. Let's talk about 7.0

    IDD scrolls from sieges work in 7.0? i have like 30+....
  6. @Cyan, I have some questions about 7.0

    Those timers for the transformations isn't even that bad.
  7. Let's talk about 7.0

    Are the current crafting stuff still available in 7.0? or should they be crafted and de before?
  8. Your Painter's name

    Sadly it isn't
  9. Your Painter's name

    For anyone who is planning on making a painter, what name are you thinking of or have picked?
  10. instance queues

    Which is 100% accurate to what i said. quick queue = new entry / which is 50/50 win/lose if the group FILLS up premade/group enrty should be 100% win, if not waste of time.
  11. instance queues

    If i were to make/join a premade group, i expect to win. not lose. that is if I quick queue or solo entry, which doesn't matter if its win or lose but not when the group is incomplete.
  12. instance queues

    You mean the ones where you pug which is essentially quick queuing with having a FULL group or the ones you make and require everyone to have certain stats and be in a voice chat? Either way its win or lose and takes just as much time to queue in to a game. Unless its a fully geared static, not worth the effort. I'm attacking or he is? did you read his posts? and what makes everyone think im new? any ideas how many people ask me in game for advice on how to play sw? You literally just describe how unbalanced the servers are LOL. Must not know much about the game if you can't see the issues 5.8 caused for 6.0 unless you're part of the problem.
  13. instance queues

    And i was correcting your "wrong" answer. And where do those come from in 5.8? EC wins? Which is cross server right? Free leech from p2w faction?You do know which side has more % of win rate? and its still continuing. 10 month later where some faction can't get themselves a free crafted set of pvp gear until an update where its not even worth getting now, right? Is that where you play? Even EK amos got their free leech from cross server wins that elyos don't even bother playing till merge happened.
  14. instance queues

    Is it or 99% of the players carrying him p2w >p2w?
  15. instance queues

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Must not understand how p2w works then. No one asked for your lifes story..especially the ones you come to brag about getting your free stuff with no effort.