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  1. What about low drop rates from "mid tier" instances?
  2. Thronesong Skill -Songweavers-

    It does work. It doesn't boost the stat itself, it boost the damage from skills.
  3. ABSURD retune prices

    Even using Luna to resurrect is a bit high.
  4. New snowball item

    I wouldn't think this would be enough to feed the hungry community.
  5. Which is what most groups do. I mean, theres 1/6 in getting something for your class and in 8 runs, you aren't guarantee something for your class. You could even have 2 melee/magic and 4 melee/magic and still not see accessories you could roll on.
  6. I keep forgetting things.. but yeah. They aren't as good, but still better than any ancient piece from COE and mirash. As I mentioned the low drop chance of getting something from FM and Bos, i bet some wouldn't even finish the set by the time 6.5 comes. Since 6.2 started, I did all my fm runs, 4 each week (was going to get prestige pack but doesn't seem worth it) and 4 extras from the extra maintenance a couple weeks ago (28 runs?), I got a plume and shoulders. Im also seeing some with almost a full set, which i don't understand. At this point, FM is really for contracts and minion bundles. Bos could might as well be daevanion skill book farm on alts for your main. Also.. crafting pve gear... lol no. Even crafting pvp gear, if it procs good, if not crafting is only for fragments to upgrade the genesis pvp set.
  7. Im guessing they bought their pve gear too...
  8. ^I meant to say that currently, using legendary stones on legendary gear has better rates than ancients on ancient gear.
  9. And low "drop" chances of some equipment. To start off, in 6.5 enchantment rates are boosted roughly ~20% on ancient gear, which is significant. From 28% to 48% using ancient stones on ancient gear after +10 and from 48% to 68% using legendary stones on ancient gear after +10. Using legendary stones on legendary gear after +10 is 45%, which is slightly worse than using on ancient gear +10 but way better than using ancient stones an ancient gear. Doesn't make much sense.. or does it? PVE gear in 6.5 is also easier to get (if i'm correct). Theres a quest line that gives out legendary gear after completing 10 weekly quests for each part and could be done within the week if all 10 quests are completed. After doing the quests, more quests can be done to get upgrade the legendary to ultimate gear and could probably be done fairly quick too. This is for armor and weap? but after completing all quest line, theres quests that give out coins/tokens to buy legendary accessories, and can be upgraded to ultimate. Compared to what 6.2 has, each fm run, theres a 1/6 for a piece of armor for your class or 1/30 for a single piece if its something you're missing. Feather drop isn't that difficult to get if it does drop but made worse with armor drops on the same drop table. Same with BOS, higher drop chance than FM but not by much. So why is it so hard to get decent gear? 5.8. exchange gear. If we were given 6.5 enchantment rates, 6.5 pve quest line, what would the point be in enchanting pre 6.0 equipment and have no time to use/take advantage of? Tanking 10+ people in compensated gear,being the first in IDD, PF bypassing the accuracy wall. etc,
  10. ^I'm pretty much doing that now lol. Used maybe 10+ legendary stones at +12 and over and basically failed them all.
  11. So much begging. Remember the 5.8 equipment exchange? lololol. No more free stuff handed out of nowhere.
  12. Hoarding kinah doesn't mean anything if theres no available mats to craft with.
  13. That is if mats are less than ~500k ea.
  14. AIon 7.0

    First vid is pvp gear Second is proc version of crafting.