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  1. Want to see how many things i've accumulated since.. whenever because all these thing were going to be... useless when 8.0 comes? Pvp/pve set is merged, why bother farming extra sets of pvp for different sets. No new accs, but easier to do aoa and pfhm iddhm being 85 with new gear? Instance isn't hard at all but finding a group do actually do it and not screw up. Same thing with yormforged stuff. Soloing Idd is a waste of time for some classes cuz you know balance... Why not do it when theres a new patch that raises level cap that makes farming easier. Paragon... is p2w lol.. like i
  2. You must be the new one here. Why miss out on maxing out your gear before the next patch comes and makes then worthless?
  3. They lost more than that day after launch with p2w pass and p2w candy. Another month waiting isn't going to hurt anything...
  4. It was happening before this update, when someone uses a transformation or seeing the opposite faction. Its just a little worse with w/e they added this maintenance. Then theres 2-5 fps at random times during sieges too that occurs. The only time they ever fixed anything was when they moved to AWS. There wasn't any dips to sieges, but then it all came back.
  5. Game was dead before it was even a week old.
  6. Thats not true. Seen players complain about spending pots, scrolls and such on pvp for little reward. Take a look at retail back when Harmony gave luna as a rank reward. Players would rig games for their team to win. After that was removed, no one even waste their time for it.
  7. Just remembered, I was watching a stream like a month ago.. elyos "dueling" asmos in open world because thats basically the only way to do it. They're technically trading ap too right?
  8. So.. like ap traders = players gaining ap though pvp too right? Not sure why people trust Nc doing anything after what happened with steel rake...
  9. Its not a design flaw. Ap is gained till the 4th kill. After that there is none to be gain but the one dieing will still lose ap.
  10. Its too late for that. They should start selling 50e and stuff.
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