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  1. Event Disappointment

    At least i have the ability to go out solo..
  2. AFK Event

    Are you good at pvp tho? People will call you out on that.
  3. IB Broken/Removed?

    Game is fine other than few instances where theres no opponent and game is a tie at the end.
  4. Mvt Summer stigma

    0% resist rate or what?
  5. A solution that would benefit everyone

    no event is going to fix anything with this game.
  6. Zombie AFK jumping fest.

    It keeps players logging in.. so theres that.
  7. Dehama siege

    Did you mention that that's within credit zone? huge difference.
  8. Dehama siege

    Uh... what? Im not the one complaining about how the fort is flooded with balaur mobs.. and miss out on world bosses from event? like there isn't any content to do in game
  9. Dehama siege

    What? you mean after leaving port, you're already dead from xforms camping the area? What buff?
  10. Dehama siege

    extend the area where you can nyerking get credit.
  11. 6 hours AFK for a 7-day enchant

    Shouldn't even get anything afking for 6 hours.
  12. Alter NPC broken after reset

    Making stuff up huh? https://cmsstatic.aion.gameforge.com/Misc/Patchnotes_Update_7_2_en.pdf page 13 ALTAR SIEGE BATTLE 1. The NPC for the special reward in the ‘Altar Siege Battle’ appears approx. 30 minutes after the conquest and disappears 6 hours later. If i remember correctly, npc description says purchase reset every time altars reset. Thats also a bug they fix in 7.2 too.
  13. Alter NPC broken after reset

    You know its a bug buying more than once.