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  1. They do give stats. In a few months from now, they won't matter.
  2. I'm not the one begging for classic. Should ask what classic is when there are updates coming...
  3. The argument is people will leave if there's no "updates" and then those who would leave with certain updates. We'll see what happens when time comes.
  4. add gunner/sw no level cap increase from 55 major stigmas add new maps like the ones in 3.0, 4.0 and instances.. cap at 55 that drop armor as skins, no stats
  5. P2w isn't what killed the game.. why did Aion go f2p in 3.0?
  6. Doesn't answer the question if its for 1 character or not...
  7. Make 24 accounts. Play on each of them for 1 hour a day. ez
  8. Is it for one character or all of them?
  9. We can already make an early accurate prediction with everything going on.
  10. No one learned anything in 10 years this game been up?
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