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  1. Mob/Boss stats?

    If anyone can find anything on mobs/bosses attack and defenses, accuracy, magic accuracy, and type of attacks, like if its physical or magical.
  2. Feedback Update: Events

    Can we keep the 1 kinah retuning npc for 7.7? so those new stuff doesn't cost 500m+ to get the stats we need?
  3. Frigida pfhm, new record?

    It was known about a month or more ago. Its just now that its recorded lol. "they all have ults, they run luna bots too" but couldn't get the names from the ones who knew the info because you know secret. Too bad some idiot decided to track their own process lul
  4. Frigida pfhm, new record?

    You guys take this game way too seriously lol
  5. Event minigame

    Complete nyerking rubbish. Seriously waste 10 nyerking minutes spam clicking for nothing.
  6. Response to Producer's Letter

    Yeah, like joining a pug group for certain instances and rolling for one item, and most of the time not getting anything in multiple runs. Not counting statics, but no one does anything past pfhm first boss and almost no pugs for aoa nm because 99% of the community doesn't have any of the requirements because of how low the supply of important resources are. stigmas cubics enchantment stones and for new clerics/healers, KT accs are rubbish. and the worst part is having 1 kinah retuning for nothing to retune except bursting accessories and thats literally only for statics. 7.7 comes with accessories with the SAME defense and attacks as current KT accs but can retune and by then we (certain classes) would need to spend unnecessary shit ton of resources because of how stupid the system is for new gear. Group game play? no, not when pure dps classes are rolling for these classes where the current accs aren't even fit for them(healers).
  7. Event Vault advice

    I did a couple runs earlier and have more things to add. The reason for glad/sorc following the temp pulling mobs is so that the mobs are killed in "order" The ones first lured if killed early would then spawn again in the rotation the temp is pulling them. I don't think its game breaking in Vault, but other instances like SFT and others does help a lot. To save some time, the temp should begin pulling mobs when the boss is around 75%. If done right,(above) most of the mobs should be up by then and only needing to do 70-80% of the room. When doing rangers, glad and sorc has their own ccs. The temp should get 99% of the agro but sometimes theres one or 2 stragglers the glad/sroc needs to take care of.
  8. Event Vault advice

    Temp should always be the one pulling, Glad and sorc follow attacking behind the temp and not use any freeze/root skills. Glad and sorc should always be ON boss when its up. When pulling mobs, you only need 70-80% of the room, just enough points for the next boss to come up. When rangers are up, temp should be moving back and forth getting agro from mobs that spawn near, and be ready to pull mobs thats on the sorc/glad.
  9. Random server maintenance

    No word on what changed?
  10. 1 kinah retunig

    You know what would be nice? if we had gear that actually could use retuning, not the shitty titan coins accessories.
  11. Renown

    Mine seems fine... Before In Demaha right after deduction Then back in Inggison after altars
  12. And to be able to get in a pvp state, its months of farming enchantment stones, deava books, stigmas, minions.. S rank. Then cubics and boss cubics for accessories that is used in pvp. Oh, and ultimate transforms.. difference between a one second kill to a 20 second kill.
  13. Windstream in katalam

    whos nyerking idea is it to have it fly right by an enemy camp with high ground where can root people getting out of windstream? what about on the other side of the map?
  14. Ads

    Never seen ads for any Ncsoft games till now. It was on instagram, and most of them time they're ads for mobile games. It is a short video but for Bns. Anything for Aion? Was there any ads for Aion at all?
  15. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    Imagine getting a system that helps with farming experience marks. owait.....