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  1. Its not rare if its tradeable...
  2. Both are created due to NC not knowing anything about the game. Most of the game updates are literally updates for KR and we get w/e the hell they get, not reading anything feedback any other region gives them. Weather or not it was working for NA is not any problem at all since it was working as intended for KR. Its not anyones fault if they keep joining the same if after being kicked if there is only one game going on because there isn't enough players to start a new game? Not going in to why their decision was reverted but why did it start in the first place? Do they not know an
  3. Whale for the ults or don't even bother playing at this point.
  4. Just afk in Ing/gelk with auto hunt..... o wait..
  5. game # 15? lmao why even bother with shit rewards free feeding other team?
  6. Lmao. In the meantime, I found 1-2 games to play recently, while afking aion since Theres almost nothing to do. Its not like this survey 1-2 years late going to change anything in this game. We already know what KR gets > then goes to EU,NA etc... AND, We do know whats wrong with the game. Its literally #1 on the list the community developed, but its not going to get fixed.
  7. lol https://www.aiononline.com/news/minion-awakening-feature On Wednesday, Feb. 24, Aion is receiving a host of updates, bringing the game current to the major Sept. 9 patch Korea received last year. The first of the major new features is Minion Awakening, which you can read more about below. Minion Awakening
  8. I couldn't remember the stats of the previous world boss weaps, but yeah 7.0 was pretty far off too. After thinking about it, it would be useful for someone like me who never played a melee class to have it on an alt that I never play.
  9. Extendable Weapon Drops Ultimate Storm Queen weapons, which are normally available from world bosses, will have a chance to drop from the final bosses of the following instances. The melee weapons of this set are extendable, so snag one while they last! https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/188072947 https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/102050126 yeah... why even add 6.0 weaps back in game? What about those new REAL world boss weaps script users haven been buying out for 2 weeks during the melon event?
  10. I went in not expecting to win(lugbug and 1500 points), but seeing other team wasn't "trying" that hard, the glad and I decide to play a bit more than just past 1500 points. It was literally a guarantee win but then it turned 7 vs 2. Obviously forgot to screenshot the other team Game is so dead that some queue in their opposite faction alt for entry but deliberately feeding points when clearly they lost to ensure a win is just sad. On top of 20k+ luna, and bunch of other alts with 50+ luna light. Shows how exciting this game is.
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