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  1. Monster Hunt Challenge

    AFK snake and stormwing event come first.
  2. Songweaver - returning player

    No need, but if you did, 7.5 will come quicker than you finishing those sets.
  3. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    Current stigma system came from 4.8? Daeva skills.. 6.0. Unlike equipment, where its every patch, is probably a way better investment.
  4. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    Not in 7.5, but later on? Probably.
  5. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    Also, when 7.5 comes.. those "gear" is probably easier to get with same stats. Plus, accessories change where you don't need to enchant or socket manastones. Focus on gear that gets replaced? or something that carries over? Daeva skills, stigmas and S rank minions.
  6. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    Gear problem was 6.0-6.5. Now its 15 daeva skills, +12 stigmas... Idk what era you guys are playing in.
  7. No credit from siege

    Your cast speed .3?
  8. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

  9. No credit from siege

    You mean, going to a defending fort where theres no pve mobs to hit for real credit, and attacking front wave of xforms where you can't kill in 3 mins because dux's hp is less than 5% siege? why even bother going if thats how it works?lucky to even get credit unless there deliberate ap trading. Ssw is just as rubbish as sorc in sieges.
  10. No credit from siege

    10k ap isn't enough for this retarded game?
  11. Jumped Character Missing things

    Did old players expect anything either? All the thing said was "level 80" and nothing more. Lol want to start? This game isn't even average player friendly.
  12. Jumped Character Missing things

    Thats when these "new" players should level up doing campaigns and blue quests for starter, instead of jumping to 80.
  13. Jumped Character Missing things

    Get free level 80 gear Run down to Bos and solo a couple runs sell equipment for kinah Enough to teleport and get places.
  14. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    But what about NA? Half cast and attack speed transforms. Mostly 1 pvp set. No +12 stigmas or even +15. Barely +10/15 daeva skills.....