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  1. @Cyan Alter Siege feedback

    Hello Cyan and others, I just wanted to provide some feedback and thoughts on the Alter Sieges after playing Aion 7.0 for awhile now. First off if your Eylos Legion alliance is lucky enough to find an alter not dominated by Asmos there are typically other legions there as well. The problem is that there are almost constantly just 3 legions out of all the legions that regularly win that alter. That would be Poco, Team Para and EndLine and that's pretty much it ... Almost never is there another legion that gets an Alter which means that all the other legions never get the purple Weekly quest from that alter. Can never use a transporter etc. My complaint isn't about these 3 winning legions and congratulations to them. But in my perspective it is not fair in the least bit that only 3 legions of Eylos dominate the alters and other legions lose out on the opportunity to gear up and run these quests as well. Why did NCSoft design this whole thing around discrimating against all legions except the few strongest. I mean my legion usually has at least 1 full alliance and part of another in a league together but it's still never enough no matter how hard we beat on that boss. It may be that we have more newer members, or members that are not geared as much "yet" but why should we always miss out on the opportunity in the game ? We and many many other legions may never be geared enough to take the alter from legions that heavily recruited top ranked players into their legion. It's just disappointing and honestly if your legions is participating in every Alter Siege and never wining what is the motivation in that? Why Cyan can't you guys at least give buff's to those regularly participating legions that are never wining an alter similarly like you did to balance out the Lakrum Siege between Asmo and Eylos. In all cases it would just be appreciated if you could do something to help under rated legions win alters some time. It's just unlikely that those legions will ever win an alter especially the smaller legions. People are not going to leave a dominating legion to join an underdog to help them out just like there isn't going to be a rash of new players coming in that will ever catch up in gears to the likes of the dominate ones. Please help balance things out a little My .02 cents
  2. Manastone Socketing Success Rate

    I've had failures on red and purple before 7.0 as well. Kind of annoying that it happens and the socketing of red or purple doesn't seem to be any better than any other stone in my opinion. It is what it is but loving 40m kinah or something just like that poof is the annoying part if you happened to buy it on the broker and it fails right after you try it.
  3. Access Restriction Notice?

    I get this a lot.. Opened a ticked on it and support said they already know about it and were working on the problem. So it's not just you and the solution for now is just login again and usually it doesn't happen the second attempt to logon
  4. Question on Free Vandal Gear Pack

    Thanks I took the data off another post that said Aug 3rd was when this was suppose to be given out. Didn't have the date written down myself and couldn't remember exactly but it seems/feels like a month and a half :-) probably going to just be a disappointing thing anyway so I'll just forget about it. maybe it will come by Christmas or something I guess it doesn't even matter much now anyway. Just as some said it's only some skins
  5. Question on Free Vandal Gear Pack

    Earlier this summer when the 7.0 patch came out we were supposed to be getting a free Vandal Gear pack. I think it was supposed to be distributed like a month and a half ago or something like that. But there were issues with Prestige players not having all of there slots which impacted every player getting this and was extended. My question is how long is it really going to be before this gets distributed to all players? Isn't a month an a half enough time passed already for this to happen? Please let us know NCSoft @Cyan Thank you
  6. Fix enchantment rates!

    I'm sorry I doubted you dude you were right! Getting ancient to +14 using ancient stones even though a lot of failure and then using legendary stone to +15 works much better and uses less stones total in the end. Thank you for sharing this. My bad
  7. Fix enchantment rates!

    Good to know that they are correct and that it's expected that likely 28 legendary stones are not going to get your +11 Ancient gear to +15 (as in my case). Knowing that this pain is real and intentional by NCSoft :-) I'm quickly learning these days just how much of a waste of my time playing this game has actually become now. Thanks! I wont even ask you to make it better since this is just how you all like it.
  8. Fix enchantment rates!

    Well teach us so we don't have to suffer such great misery! Nothing worse than spending many days making a batch of legendary or ultimate stones to watch them just get destroyed and legendary stones dropping you from +14 back down to 10. SO the solution is don't use Legendary stones on ancient gear after +13 they are not good enough and fail to much. save them and make ultimate stones so when they fail they just don't drop back down to +10... Just seems such over kill to have players having to morph all the way up to ultimate to get a piece of crappy ancient gear to +15. The whole process is just a huge waste of time if you ask me This is no good doesn't work well on T2 gear at all. Ancient Gear: Go full ancient stones till +14, (or +13 if u have bad rng) use legendary to +15. I failed 28 Legendary stones on ancient gear trying to go from +11 and still ended up at +11. Now it probably should be Ancient Gear: Go ful ancient stones till +11 Use Legendary to +14 (if you ever get to +14) Use Ultimate to +15 (cuz if your lucky enough to get to +14 don't ever risk another on a cheap legendary stone that fails badly even on ancient gear)
  9. Fix enchantment rates!

    Well let's hear it? Ancient stones to +10, Legendary stones to +13 and Ultimate to +15 on a piece of Ancient gear? wow nothing you can learn or teach about stones that fail so often with sucky RNG. It simply just sucks
  10. Fix enchantment rates!

    I agree I tried to get my Vandal Ancient jacket from +11 to +15. This week I used all my crystals from camp quests to buy pvp stones and I made 28 legendary stones. I used them all and ended up still with +11. Why does a legendary stone fail Sooooooooooooooooo much on an ancient piece of gears? You would think using a legendary stone on ancient gear would be like using an ultimate stone on legendary gear. But as of right now it's barely better than using an ancient pvp stone on ultimate gear in 6.x. wtf!!!!!!!!!!! This game is getting so bad I can not believe that anyone feels that it's hardly worth the frustrations any longer.
  11. Correct me if Im wrong(old and new pvp gear)

    They really freaking messed us up with this gear stuff. Worked so hard and have about 7 ultimate armor and accessories pieces but all only about +3 to +5. Had no idea this was coming and should have left them all at legendary +15 until this patch came out had I known. Now it's going to be hardly worth playing my main and likely my new vandal will get to ultimate gear before my main toon gets back to a +0 ultimate. What a stupid thing to do to people who worked for a year on their gear. It's actually disgusting to be honest. I can't believe the moron crap that goes on in this game and why rather than making the game fun to play NCSoft seems to be hell bent on making this the most miserable experience you could ever have in life. Everything that is important in this game that you need to do seems to revolve around total nonsense and crappy rng everything. Punish us more NCSoft and while your at it can you just kill the game and save me from myself.
  12. Will Vandal Gear Pack Deadline Be Extended?

    @Cyan Does this mean that for those players who have already met the requirements for the vandal pack e.g. logged in, got a vandal to level 30 or higher and done before Aug 28th will not be getting the new gear pack for some time longer due to the other issues going on?
  13. Access Restriction Notice?

    I get this too but this morning it was a little different message. It actually told me I tried to enter my pin 9 times wrong and something about if I enter it wrong more times I was going to get locked out. I did not double click on anything for it to pop up. I just tried logging in and got no opportunity to enter a pin it just came after clicking on my character I wanted to play on.
  14. why is gameforge aion requirements a little different then ours

    Well it's kinda sad that NCsoft wants or expect us to run the game on a version of windows that's not supported by microsoft for over 2 years now. For example from the Microsoft Website searching "End of Life" for Microsoft XP and do the same for Windows 7 and you'll find on the official microsoft website the following. ----------------------------------- After 12 years, support for Windows XP ended April 8, 2014. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for the Windows XP operating system. It is critical to migrate now to a modern operating system. The best way to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 10 is to buy a new device. ---------------------------------- And dang near end of support for Window 7 or shortly after Aion 7.0 will release ---------------------------------- After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. Now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10. ---------------------------------- Hopefully they will update their release notes to include support for windows 10 :-)
  15. Zangettzu Where that Ban Hammer ?

    Hi Mech, Did you try opening a ticket with support and reporting this guy.. ? if so what did they say?