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  1. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    I'll be damn the official announcement actually came!!! Thanks Cyan!
  2. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    Well it's Wednesday and as expected no surprise here
  3. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    Fake News is everywhere these days

    Please do not ever ever ever ever nerf Vandals they are really fun to play just the freaking way they are!!!.. I played songweaver before a long time and got murdered for years by many other OP classes and I didn't cry about like these winners.. Just because people didn't make a vandal doesn't mean their Glad or Temp or Whatever needs to be able to smash the heck out of vandals. BTW I have many Ultimate +15 gears on my Vandal and the rest +15 legendary. I can tell you there are still lots and lots of asmos who can smash the heck out of my vandal.. So stop crying please
  5. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    Your lucky, you got more from 66 snowballs than I got from 100.!
  6. AD is not popping

    Anyone else having issues with Ashunatal Dredgion never popping today? was in group and queued 2 times for like 15 minutes and nada! So now EC and AD not working?
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 11, 2019

    Evergale Canyon is still being fixed and will return someday along with all your lost stuff
  8. IB Broken/Removed?

    I had this happen to me the other day Basia, After a 30 minute queue way for it to pop we cancel and then IB wasn't an options. We all 3 relogged and then the IB instance was back to chose again. This time when we queue it worked fine.
  9. event gear

    Maybe you already mentioned event gear being lackluster but I found it worked pretty well to get started running instances like FM/BOS and if plus up with enchantment stones to +6 or +7 maybe even get away with IDD to get better gear drops depending on what character type you are.
  10. event gear

    I don't know how many gold bars you have but for returning players they sell on the gold sands trader (little icon down by the menu). Click on that Icon then click on Gold Ingot and you will see for PVE you can buy for 15 Gold bars you can buy a full set of legendary armor and for 25 gold bars can buy a legendary weapon. These when plus up a bit with enchantment stones will cause enough damage to run most instances for pve.
  11. My New pvp movie

    That's cool... what kind of gear you have all T2 ultimates +15?
  12. Hey anyone know what Vandals are suppose to do about the Event drops happening on things and given to vandal that can't use them. For example the Sports Day Skill Card Bundle dropped 3 times on my vandal. can't use it, can't sell it or trade it or store in the account warehouse for one of my other toons to use? Same thing with some other items like Stigma box can't open it on vandal. Should open a ticket you think and ask to transfer the sport day skill card bundle to one of my toons that can use it? Also same thing happened on this item [Event] Legendary Empty Black Flame Armor Box.. Vandal can't open
  13. T2 Aetherforging crafting, so hard!

    I used to craft gear a lot in 6.x but since 7.0 destroyed that idea with the level of difficulty. Not to mention you have to spend AP to buy some of the poison you need well. I'm done with crafting now and there is no longer any valid point to doing it. fragments yea but with the new gear and AP not worth that even
  14. Hello Cyan and NCSoft Team, I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU! for your generosity in providing a full set of legendary pve gear on the BCM as part of the event. This will help a lot of people be able to start jumping right in to do some end game pve instances that maybe they haven't felt comfortable doing before. And also for putting a full 100% enchantment stone in case that might be needed some rainy day :-) . With all the events recently it's obvious you are finally trying to be thoughtful of the players here in Aion. Very much appreciated !!
  15. @Cyan Alter Siege feedback

    Hello Cyan and others, I just wanted to provide some feedback and thoughts on the Alter Sieges after playing Aion 7.0 for awhile now. First off if your Eylos Legion alliance is lucky enough to find an alter not dominated by Asmos there are typically other legions there as well. The problem is that there are almost constantly just 3 legions out of all the legions that regularly win that alter. That would be Poco, Team Para and EndLine and that's pretty much it ... Almost never is there another legion that gets an Alter which means that all the other legions never get the purple Weekly quest from that alter. Can never use a transporter etc. My complaint isn't about these 3 winning legions and congratulations to them. But in my perspective it is not fair in the least bit that only 3 legions of Eylos dominate the alters and other legions lose out on the opportunity to gear up and run these quests as well. Why did NCSoft design this whole thing around discrimating against all legions except the few strongest. I mean my legion usually has at least 1 full alliance and part of another in a league together but it's still never enough no matter how hard we beat on that boss. It may be that we have more newer members, or members that are not geared as much "yet" but why should we always miss out on the opportunity in the game ? We and many many other legions may never be geared enough to take the alter from legions that heavily recruited top ranked players into their legion. It's just disappointing and honestly if your legions is participating in every Alter Siege and never wining what is the motivation in that? Why Cyan can't you guys at least give buff's to those regularly participating legions that are never wining an alter similarly like you did to balance out the Lakrum Siege between Asmo and Eylos. In all cases it would just be appreciated if you could do something to help under rated legions win alters some time. It's just unlikely that those legions will ever win an alter especially the smaller legions. People are not going to leave a dominating legion to join an underdog to help them out just like there isn't going to be a rash of new players coming in that will ever catch up in gears to the likes of the dominate ones. Please help balance things out a little My .02 cents