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  1. Happy S---t day !!

    My favorite part of Aion isn't playing the game anymore.. It's logging in and reading the comments in the forum... LMFAO!!! I mean @Yuweh-KT it could be worse... just look at what genericuser posted in the forum... logs in all his characters are deleted LMFAO!!
  2. RNG Lootbox Days Numbered Possibly?

    Karma's just sharpening her nails and getting a drink. She'll be with you shortly NcSoft
  3. Yes I'd like to know this answer too after seeing some people managed to get > 2000 GP in one siege last night but that was way beyond the average.
  4. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    Hurrrrrrayyy you are fixing the Siege times!!!!!!!!!! Thank you @Kibblez for listening to us! And doing some things to make prestige pass better for us too that's fantastic. THANKS!!!
  5. Please fix Siege time

    Please tell us when your going to fix these crazy siege times!
  6. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    I actually have to say I'm very impressed @kibbelz as I have never seen in my years of playing Aion someone put so much good constructive attention to the concerns of players. Seeing this happen was actually a first for me and makes you a bit of a hero in my book. However that being said I was disappointed to see that Siege time is so far down the list in priority. Having the main PVP event switch to such a late time was the single biggest reason of why I went from being a fully engaged active player, a deputy in one of the largest number one legions in game to basically stop playing the game hardly at all. Having the main PVP event (siege) starting at midnight for US EST with people needing to get up for work is simply insane. For a game that's based here in America that makes it even more crazy! I know maybe not that many people complained about siege as being the biggest pain point for them in the game which is why it ended up so far down your list of priorities. But I can honestly say that before I stopped playing actively the biggest thing being talked and complained about constantly in legion chat was the siege times being so stupid. I still log in every now and then to say hello to my friends and sometimes catch Siege on a Saturday night when I don't have to get up for work in the morning. And people still are talking about how crazy this siege time is. And don't think that when the clocks fall back by one hour that is going to make a huge difference because it's still so late it's absolutely ridiculous. So for now I will just keep logging in every now and then to say hello and to keep checking the forums to see if those times have been fixed. In closing even though this ruined things for me to be able to play it makes me feel good to know that your finally taking some distinct action to at least clean up some other pain points soon that will make the active players lives better. If for nothing else that someone actually cares so thank you.
  7. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    The biggest pain point for me is that you have siege times starting at MIDNIGHT for eastern time zone and 11:00pm for Central. I use to play this game 40 to 50 hours a week and run the Alliances for my legion during siege for last couple of years and PVP was a big thing I liked. However since I get up at 5:00 am for work that late siege time just doesn't work so I play maybe 3 hours a week now. I can siege only on Saturday being the only day I don't have to get up for work. Lot of people simply just stopped playing because of these crazy times. Other than that yea the RNG is absolutely incredibly insanely ridiculous in this game. I use to be big on having the best possible gear, stigmas etc but when you burn 60 stigmas 50 or 60 US dollars possibly trying to get one stigma to +12 and you end up when your done at 3 levels below where you started something is wrong. It has gotten worse going from patch to patch so I just stopped even trying it's simply not worth it being serious about a game when the developers or management in NCSoft are not serious about anything except making money off it's player based and watching our dollar bills blow up trying to enchant things. Right now the game in my option has so many negative things going on after the last patches, things that out weigh the good that it's simply not what I consider even really worth playing anymore so I just don't .. I log into the forums every now and then to see if you came to your senses on siege times or see something that looks interesting.. But having senseless events that just fill up our inventory with junk... Or have me fight 100s of mobs to collect 10 things that I need to morph into 3 other things in order to craft into 1 thing that I can use to try and make my gear better that I have to run 5 instances 5 times a week just to get and have you break it... Nope no thank you.. You have a lot of stuff to fix now to get back to a game that's enjoyable for players to play before people like me will start taking things seriously again. My .02 cents
  8. Siege Schedule Poll

    I voted for the earlier time but have to say that after years of playing the game 40-50 hours a week, and with the siege times the way they are now I play at most 3 hours a week now. I do my basic weeklies after reset and Siege on Saturday night only. Starting Siege at 11:00pm central time when I have to get up early, like 5:00am for work, I just can't afford to play the game any longer. I hope they change this because the time the Siege starts now is just so incredibly stupid. Good luck fixing this.
  9. Let me do this for you since NCSoft is apparently too cheap to take the time to let you know except on twitter. At 11:00am Central time US All [#Aion] servers are now coming down for an emergency maintenance. Estimated downtime is 90 minutes.
  10. Countless posts about Stigmas

    There are few things that cross the line for me in this game and end up being I wont do that ever again. Stigmas is one of those things that are just not worth doing anymore for me due to disgusting enchant rates. Safe spots are a joke because you still destroy just about as many enchants anyway! Stigmas are probably ranked #2 in total BS of the game.
  11. No drop in BOS

    I think maybe they got the BOS ultimate drop mixed up with the Monster Hunt Challenge ------------------------------------------------------------------------ As a reward for all Daevas who are level 76 and higher, for every 125,000 monsters defeated over the course of the event period, everybody will earn: 1 Transformation Contract (64 types) 10 Transparent Transformation Scrolls -------------------------------------------------------------------- I guess it should read ----------------------------------------------------------- As a reward for all Daevas who are level 76 and higher, for every 125,000 times completing the BOS instance over the course of the event period, just lucky players only will earn: 1 piece of second grade Ultimate PvE Gear Probably more like it lol
  12. No drop in BOS

    Yea I've only seen one drop in BOS after running on all my toons 5 x and it unfortunately was not for the class I was running. You can hardly call this an event when the drops are not fair or even seen most the time. I guess the odds are no better now for ultimate than just running the regular instances. Even though BOS doesn't normally drop Ultimate what's the use of running it when during the event it never drops anything anyway.
  13. Power Up Event @Cyan?

    Hi is it possible that before too long we might be getting some power up events that help us with enchant rates. Perhaps either with gears or stigmas to help reduce the amount of failures which are so incredibly high right now? It would be nice for a change to have some successes :-)
  14. Ring Event

    Hey I was just wondering since I've tried to upgrade probably 50 or 60 rings with the Artisan and every one of them turned to dust is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is it this event is just that stupid?
  15. Stigma Enchant event?

    I've literally just given up completely on trying to enchant my stigmas. When I collected 12 stigma enchant stones from event and tried to get a stigma from +8 to +9 and after it was done I was +7. It stupid and ridiculous and who would waste money and throw it out the window trying that crap. another very stupid aspect of this game that's annoying as #*)(.