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  1. Just curious if anyone has gotten any Major Crown or a Crown of any type on any character so far in this event? I wonder if your chances are better to be struck by lightning?
  2. I have to say that your honest mistake you are lucky they even offered you a means to resolve it through the forums and they will help you. I made an honest mistake a couple days ago buying some Seeds of Transformation in Sanctum. Due to my not so great eyesight and the first time I ever bought these in Aion Classic I thought I was spending Kinah and I was spending Abyss Points. I opened a ticket for it to see if I could get it fixed and have then take the seeds back and give me my AP back and was told no that the restoration tokens policy now excludes players who actually made an honest
  3. That's unfortunate... game no longer worth playing I guess because NCSoft will not do anything to change that I dont think. See ya later guys have fun @Kibbelz Well its been a few weeks now is there some new information coming on the server merge. Now hearing that the Asmos are super dominant (badly) on the Siel server and there are very few Elyos left on IS my guess the merge is not about helping to balance things but more about giving Asmos more Elyos to kill. I guess there will be no long any reason for Elyos to play this game longer. Good luck with that See ya guys later
  4. So who is the dominant faction on the Siel server now? or is it pretty balanced?
  5. @Kibbllz or anyone can you please explain why the Relic Bundle timer is not working properly. For example I logged on and was online for 3 hours + and the Relic bundle was suppose to drop for me at 1:53 pm server time. I watch the timer and it got down to below 3 minutes and then all of a sudden it goes back up to 3 hours and 59 minutes ?? This has happened to me on multiple days and at various times of the day. At first I thought it was maybe happening at the 10:00am server reset time or at the 12:00 ap reset time or something like that. But it doesn't seem to matter what time of day y
  6. @Kibbelz I guess these rewards of crowns and things will come after the period is over? Or sometime before Christmas 2022 at least?
  7. I don't even know what to say... after a long time of not doing Siege I go tonight and it was over almost within a minute of starting due to dux getting killed. Tell me what an Elyos is suppose to do to get any reasonable AP in this game? Even running Dredge there is no way. It doesn't matter if I go in with a premade group or quick queue the result is always the same. You end up with a pvp fight against a super OP group of Asmos who just eat your AP. Some groups, and this is nothing personal but groups like Dmob they decide the best approach is to come quickly/instantly to the starting
  8. I have a question.. Last night on IS server I waited up late until the 9:00pm US time dredge. 20 minutes after Dredge was up I finally found a LFG group to run it with. Once we applied to enter we waited for like 25 minutes and still it had not popped. People in the group became impatient and left the group and so we could run it at all. My question is I realize that during this long wait time the game is trying to match you up with an opposing faction group, But WHY if there are no opposing faction players applying for so long does it not just let you enter anyway to at least do the P
  9. I dont think I will try this. I ran the Asteria Reps 45 times with some groups killing 450 mobs I think I was doing it for like 7 hours that day. I had only 1 boiling balaur blood stain drop for me. And I looked on the broker they were selling the cheapest was 400K each so it would be 40M kinah if there were that many available to buy at that price. And that would be to try just once. I dont think this would be doable and who could have that much kinah unless you buy like 1000.00 worth of pink tiger candies and sold them. For me it's so impossible to think of even trying I would never
  10. Hello @Kibbelz when will you guys be releasing the 1.5 patch notes? Surely your not going to wait until after the patch releases right?
  11. There is also an NPC right in Temion Landing main entrance to Reshanta. If you walk outside the NPC is just to the left after you go down the ramp. When you arrive at the teleporter that NPC will be off just to your right. You will get 3600 AP points for each of those ancient crowns.
  12. Please Read the Producers letter on the main Aion page Thousands of Daevas from around the world have gathered to defend Atreia from the Balaur again. This time around we have followed the Korean service much more closely than when Aion was first released in the west. We launched with version 1.2 and are currently targeting to release the 1.5 update sometime next month. With the 1.5 update, we will see a large expansion to the Level 50 end-game for players through the Dark Poeta instance and the Daevanian Quests. We also may have a few quality-of-life changes that differ from the o
  13. You have to keep in mind that the chart was made by an asmo manually then asking you to take his word for it the numbers are correct. Secondly how many asmos have created an account with an elyos character also and logs in afk . If you like the numbers look no further than the in game number of ratio of influence the Elyos have which is "0" or look at the number of times they have taken a fortress since classic started. It alright if you want to keep this imbalance going in favor of the asmos but when the game is destroyed because the Elyos are tired of going to siege for nothing then good
  14. Your personal made chart of the numbers means nothing and the asmo players or no more committed than Elyos to siege. It's about the number of asmos and the sea of red they see at siege when they look at their own numbers and go wow that's crazy. So don't impress yourself with some stupid chart you made to try and twist the truth of what is happening. This chart only serves to keep the asmos dominance and try and make Siel Elyos look bad that's it . We know there is significant number difference and I would guess at siege time Asmos probably have more people in PVE and crafting rooms. Bu
  15. hmmm @Kibbelz really? I guess it's always about doing something for the Asmos. Poor guys on the Israphel server getting beat up generates a NCSoft Survey. Why don't you just come over to the Siel servers and Join your asmo buddies there? Elyos are so outnumbered that the influence ratio is pretty much always nothing with no hope in sight. Today it looks like this screen capture and NCSoft is doing absolutely nothing about it, no survey, no measures to create a buff during sieges when so many losses have occurred NOTHING! We know who NC Soft favors now dont we! Give us a break sometim
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