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Temp coming back to play


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So yeah I have a few questions since it has been a couple of patches since I have played. If you have time to answer them, your input is very much appreciated.

Whats a good grinding technique? (What instances would give the most exp., areas to farm at certain levels.)


whats the best pve gear for tanking and for dps wise for pve?(last time I played I got two sets of ancient coin gear taking advantage of the month buff for returning players.)


what stats does a temp need for tanking/dps in pve and to fight properly in pvp? 


Thank you in advance see you in two weeks in-game. ☺️

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patk//crit//acc     1200//1400//4000 

Super easy to get, just make sure to get the Frigida Mythic gear (Sophisticated is the highest tier and is relatively easy/cheap to get). For Exp grinding go straight for FoO and do it daily (2x if we have landing level 5).

There are Pink quests given by a shugo in norsvold which give 100m exp per turn in for really easy dungeons (TTC, Adma, Draken, Poeta) and it is repeatable, AoE is bombing exp if those run out, so is CoE, most just pug it nowadays due to nerfs. It's also a good way to get supplements and other gear if you can't afford Frigida. And if you can't get Boundless Accessories (from Sky Island or events) then get CoE accessories (they are currently a guaranteed drop). 

Crucible Spire is a good solo dungeon too for scrolls, pets, exp, gp and a lot of other goodies. Takes about 2 hours to do once you get used to it. My suggestion is to use a lot of patience, per floor, watch a video to pass time while waiting for cds per floor or you might end up regretting it :P (P.S. Floor 40 can only be done by lvl 75s or gear capped dps classes if they aren't lvl 75).

I'm still figuring out the math for min/maxing essence points, so you can shoot me a pm this weekend to see if i do figure it out :P <3

Happy Farming.

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