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  1. Hi, Sushi here lol. Maybe you should have some duels with some AT on the asmo side to understand what the AT skills are instead of coming here hackusing people. Are you new to the game? How do you have some much gears with so little understanding of this game? lol if you want to accuse anyone in my group of hacking, post meter, videos and what not. Jesus lol
  2. So on the left we have a bunch of hackers/account sellers and on the right we also have hackers/account sharers. this is definitely entertaining, long time friends and foes ! huehuehue and please keep going.
  3. in NA? the only other good ones are meyoh and keishi but they dont stream/youtube. i dont check forum often sry =p
  4. https://www.youtube.com/c/TsukiyumiSama not as cool as korean templars but meh. hue
  5. the shugo spawns in almost every pve instance, fm, pf idd etc and solo bos. then u have weekly craft of it also. and all your duplicate skills can be fused to rng get a new one or same hue.
  6. here is my most recent 6.7 video, i dont have callous strike yet, bloodwind rive doing kb is just too awesome.
  7. Templars in 6.7 are much better than 6.2 only and only if you get the new daevanion skills (Callous Strike and Bloodwind Rive) but besides that some shorter cd on other stigma skills make it more playable.
  8. "DN is balanced, elyos is just lazy." -Every Winning faction.
  9. afk 3 IDs is way cheaper than 10 Ancient stones on bcm... come on... too early for april's fool!
  11. templar speaking here, i am alright. still alive.
  12. imposibru how will mrviva miumiu and hwalin pvp without cruci drafts ?!
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