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Overall DPS rankings by class


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1 hour ago, Spirithq-KT said:

this dps ranking here is very wrong ......

Do note that most of the posts on this thread are outdated(1 year ago).  Speaking PvE, ToE and BoS(talking about NM and HM) were actually somewhat hard for their DPS requirements in early 5.6 to mid 5.6. There's no need to follow a tier list for classes anymore to pass content. All you need are a few super geared group members.      

A few discrepancies between now and then

  • MB cap adjustment patch(2900 to 3200)
  • Minions released(more attack scaling for physicals). RIP click forward stepping though for that 10% dmg boost; these annoying minions really get in the way.
  • People starting to get Power 10s and then 12s meaning physicals scale way more than magic now
  • Having a DPS cleric back then was honestly a burden for optimizing DPS. Support clerics should be dropping their DoTs so a stronger DPS slot could come in.
  • It was really hard to pass without a strong physical setup in NA. With chanter/SoD they just scaled better than magic. It was the meta back then and is honestly still the meta now for you elitists out there.
  • Tanks were a little relevant back then. Now it's whoever's more geared is tanking.   
  • Enchanting armor/weapon past 15 and accessories for PvE DMG

Anyway, 6.0 is going to change everything, so what's best now is going to change like it did back then.


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