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Frosty fever over!? @loki @kibbelz


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Hello all,

I don't know about every else, but I was a bit blind sided today when reading another post and someone stated that the frosty fever event was ending.  Hold up now.  I've been checking the forum going back to the original post constantly checking for an update as to when this event was gonna end. If someone would like clarify when this end date was added please let me know.  On top of this, this weekend I opened morozs gift box and got my 5 manastone selection box's only to find out that it was random manastones!!!  I did the appropriate thing and contacted support.  I was told multiple times they were aware of the bug and could not compensate or exchange my items till the devs did something.   What are the dang devs gonna do now! Since this event is magically over they have no need to address the issue.

Please Loki KIbbelz,

Just give us back the event NPC to turn in our left over ice cream. You preach about wanting to have more communication with the community and being more open about the going ons with the game.  You then fail to post that the event was ending or had "x" amount of time left in any of your maintenance post.  I never saw a answer to any of the forum post requesting an end date to the event.  Even a simple, "Hey we updated the event page". Unless I missed it.  So please bring the box back for 1 week.  It's been done before.  I'm sure I'm not the only person that was blind sided by the ending of this event and has a lot of ice cream to turn in.

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The NPC still appears to be there, atleast in Pandaemonium on KT. The event page said it would end today tho:


See the tables below for details on where you can obtain Ice Cream Cones, as well as to see what Moroz will offer you! The event concludes on August 19th, so let's go hunting!

So check if the NPC is still there for you, and for the box not having the selectable manastones try asking support to restore the box itself, so you can atleast chose something else.

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